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The idea of starting a small business is enticing, but the reality can be tough. Running your own company comes with responsibilities and headaches that might make you think twice about risking it all on this venture. But why let money dictate what you do? If saving any amount makes up for hours spent figuring out ways to cut costs in other areas then go ahead – there are plenty! Here we’ll look at four simple tips for reducing shipping fees: 

Slow and Steady wins the race

Sometimes the best way to get what you need is by slowing down. Slower wins every time when shipping a product and if that means waiting 24 hours then do it! You should always be sure not only does your order require fast delivery but also higher rates for international shipments so there’s no extra charges coming out of pocket on top of everything else already being added onto prices because they’re based off how far away someone lives from where products are made or sourced in regards with distance limitations as well overall time frame needed before receiving said merchandise at their doorstep – which can take anywhere between days depending upon who delivers them (e-commerce site).

Tip: If you sell products on your website, make sure your shipping page accurately represents how long it will take to get the order to the customer, including processing time.

Buying affordable packing supplies

Packing and preparing the items to be shipped is time-consuming, space-taking and hectic affair that intimidates many. While many shy away from this phase of shipping a product or service due to its size but you can use it as an opportunity for savings! One way would probably have been investing in flat rate boxes with free delivery offered by major shippers like JNE Trucking, Wahana (Ongkir Wahana) or Deliveree; alternatively, I recommend buying bulk packing supplies so there are fewer trips back out into town when running low on materials like bubble wrap (the best kind!), tape etcetera – saving about 30% off what buy individually.

Holidays are important considerations

For many businesses, the post-holidays season is a time when things can get tricky. It might seem like your business will come to a standstill if you don’t ship out any packages before then but that’s not really true as long as they’re sent in plenty of advance and on time! Your recipients won’t mind getting mail while they are away because it means one less thing for them to worry about during their vacation – plus who doesn’t love surprises?!

The best part? You’ll be able to take care of both parties by mailing gifts instead; this way everyone gets exactly what he or she wants without having to wait around all holiday decorations coming down from strings attached with “please” and “thank you”s.

Shipping policies for refunds

Last but not least, the most influential hack is in shipping policies. Many large companies offer refunds and exchanges with a variety of offers – but providing this as an independent business can be tough at times because it takes up so much time to process packages and get everything sorted out properly (especially when customers want their money back). However, you’re not helpless; there are firms that audit your shipments AND grant complete or partial reimbursement accordingly! They’ll even provide Negotiation services on top if they recover some funds from lost packages too..

The last thing I would recommend doing before sending anything off however would be to check out the company’s experience and social standing online using a variety of review websites as well as lookup whatever might have been saying about your business on those sites too. Making sure yours shows up there is important and companies like TrustPilot will definitely help you with that!

A little knowledge goes a long way.

Post Author: Kaitlyn