Winston Churchill Said: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life but what we give.”

It is incredible how businesses and actions in today’s society have lost track of the art of giving. Whether it’s a major oil company cutting corners to reduce overhead, a financial firm dishonestly investing client money, or a major energy corporation cooking the books for shareholder approval, there has been no shortage of greed at the expense of the community.

Churchill, like many other great leaders of our time, understood that the common good comes from the desire to give back.Unfortunately, our society has placed a veneer of unheralded importance on making more money than everyone around you. As a result, ethical practices, community service, and most importantly, trust have been sacrificed to enhance monetary gain.

As a growing business, looking to make a name for its self in the midst of economic (and moral) recession, Central Truck Sales believes there is an opportunity to achieve the so-called“American Dream” through services that benefit the community as well as the company. CTS trucks are used all over the world in places where the needs are the greatest.

After a historic earthquake shocked Haiti in 2009, CTS trucks were the first ones on sight to remove debris and begin the rebuilding process with 100% ready to use trucks. When a similar disaster took place in Chile, not 3 months later, CTS trucks were, and still remain there, to slow flooding and clear destruction.

For 45 years, countries, municipalities, and companies, have trusted CTS to provide trucks and service that will handle the needs of their communities and the people who depend on them. Our relationships with our clients go beyond sales and service.

At Central Truck Sales the amount of trucks sold takes a back seat to the amount of problems we can help our customers resolve. Success is not built on dollars and cents, but instead through answers and improvement that can be seen over years of cultivating trusting, strong relationships that last over time. The most important element of CTS operation is the constant pursuit of Win-Win relationship and opportunities with our clients.

By focusing on the greater good, instead of making a quick buck, CTS can rest easy knowing that both clients and their communities are happy over the long run, a vital component and core value of our business.

CTS is proud to be a community and industry leader. We work hard to exceed customer’s expectations and providing the best solutions to those with the toughest problems. See us in action below.

Central Truck Sales Values

Our number one priority is commitment to our word and to our customer. We understand the importance of a 100% ready to use, reliable truck, whether it be a disaster site, important job, or simply for every day use. If you are not satisfied, then neither are we. Give us a call or come on by and let us start helping you today”

Central Truck Sales is the industry leader in providing quality used vocational trucks. Specializing in Vacuum trucks, Crane trucks, Knuckleboom Trucks, Dump Trucks, Water Trucks, Fuel & Lube trucks, Utility Service Trucks, Day cabs, Garbage Trucks, Rolloff Trucks, Bucket Trucks, Digger Derricks, Sweeper Trucks, Grapple Trucks, Yard Spotters and many more.

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