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Water blasters are the latest thing in high-powered jet vacuum trucks, offering extreme jetting power for a variety of applications. Yet these specialized vacuum trucks for sale can be very dangerous if not used properly, or without following recommended suggestions for safe operation. Keep employees safe when working with water blasters by following these important safety guidelines.

Operator Training Is Essential

Water blasters are different than other jetter vacuum trucks, so operators using them must receive appropriate training. Workers should learn the recognition and meaning of all safety and hazard decals on the equipment, how to inspect the water blaster and its parts, and how to operate the equipment for safest results.

Training also means making sure that all operators are aware of the potential risks when using this equipment and how to avoid them, as well as instruction on using the right safety gear.

Inspect All Equipment

There are many ways in which a water blaster unit can malfunction, causing serious and even deadly injuries. To prevent accidents, operators must inspect all equipment before use to detect any damaged equipment. Defective parts should never be used and should be either repaired or replaced. Additionally, equipment should be observed prior to use to ensure the correct parts and fittings are matched. The unit should also be adjusted so that pressure is below the rating of the lowest rated part being used.

Tighten Connections

When coupling hoses to the water blaster, it is essential that connections be carefully checked for condition and use of the right connecting parts. Connections should be well-sealed with Teflon tape and anti-seize compound to ensure a fitted, leak-proof connection. Connectors should also be tightened prior to each use of the equipment since they can loosen during operation.

Test System

Prior to the initial use of a water blaster, test the system on low pressure for leaks or other concerns. If everything is working properly, the water pressure can be gradually increased, paying close attention to any equipment reaction. For the greatest safety, the system should be operated using the lowest pressure setting possible and never exceed the pressure rating of any system components.

Purge, Store, and Repair Equipment

Safe use of water blaster vacuum trucks also includes taking care of the system after use. Proper purging is essential to remove water from the pumps, hoses, and fittings to prevent damage, especially in below-freezing weather. All components should also be properly stored on the truck to prevent damage. If any issues are detected, they should be repaired according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Stay Alert and Prepared

Above all, water blaster operators must be alert while using the equipment and be prepared to deal with a malfunction or other issue should one occur. Good observation and fast reaction to prevent damage or injury while working is important to ensure the safe use of the system.

Water blaster vacuum trucks are efficient and powerful machines, useful in many ways from pressure washing to sewer cleaning. Before heading to any job site with one of these vacuum trucks, operators must receive proper training. By adhering to the many safety guidelines designed to ensure safe operation, water blaster operators can work efficiently and safely to avoid any injuries!

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