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There are many used vacuum trucks for sale that are being sold by various dealers and private owners. The market is also strong for used vacuum trucks, since they offer a lot to smaller companies where buying new may be impossible, making a good, used vehicle the best answer. Yet how can a company looking for used vacuum trucks for sale know they are getting a good deal?

By paying close attention to the important tips referenced below about finding the right vacuum trucks for sale, a company can certainly purchase the right trucks for the job.

Get the Right Chassis

Before looking at anything else, vacuum truck buyers must start with the very basics and know they have a good chassis. Although the equipment on a vacuum truck can be costly, it can be added on or replaced. The truck itself is the main expense, with the chassis the one component that must be in good condition and suitable for the work that will be done. Buyers should pay particular attention to the axles and the transmission, as they are the two main parts of a vacuum truck that are extensively used and could cost the most to repair.

When searching for a good, used vacuum truck for sale, take note as to whether the front axles are the more preferred 10,000 lb front axles, then carefully assess their condition. It is also essential to assess the transmission's condition to be sure it is strong enough for the weight of the vehicle when fully loaded and can stand up to the job. Beyond the axles and transmission, look into any additional features on a vacuum truck that would make it more durable, easier to drive, and more comfortable to operate.

What Does the Vacuum Body Include?

Although the main component of any vacuum truck is the tank itself, there is more to consider on the body than just the tank. When choosing a vacuum truck for sale, ensure that the vacuum body is useful and contains items that will facilitate work and promote efficiency. Are there toolboxes on the body; if so, how many and where are they located? Does all the wiring work and are there sufficient work lights on the body? Most importantly, does the body include the features necessary for the work to be done or will it require additional upfitting?

The type of tank should also be a concern, as a particular type may be preferred depending on what material will be hauled in the vacuum trucks.

Is the Pump System Sufficient?

Even if everything else on a vacuum truck looks good, is the pump the right one for the job? Is it strong enough and correctly sized for the existing tank? Does it perform well? There are many different types of pumps for use on vacuum trucks for sale, so getting the right truck means getting the right pump system as well. Most importantly, the pump must offer the right amount of power in correlation to the vacuum tank size in order to provide the most efficient suction. Like all other parts, the pump can always be replaced if necessary, although this will increase the overall cost of the vacuum truck.

Getting a good deal on a used vacuum truck for sale can definitely be done with proper preparation. To ensure a worthwhile purchase, buyers must understand their needs and carefully evaluate vacuum trucks being considered. Trucks meeting buyer requirements that don't need upgrading offer the most value to the buyer!

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