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Brand identity is important for any business, especially so for septic services and other companies who use vacuum trucks. There is a lot of competition out there willing to cater to the calls that come in, so why not cash in on all of that business? Many smaller companies may initially feel that branding their vehicles is not a priority or is not in the budget; however, spending a little on this form of advertising is one of the best smaller investments a service can make. Any company that buys vacuum trucks for sale needs to also consider truck wraps, logos, and other options available for service vehicle branding because of the increased business it could bring.

Why Branding Service Trucks Is So Important

Unless consumers know that a service exists, they cannot make that call. In the septic industry, this is especially significant since most everyone needs septic services eventually. It may be a topic that many prefer not to think about; yet the fact remains that both home and business owners alike need to call someone to perform these services.

Branding the company name on vacuum trucks works just like the yellow pages or online directory advertising, except it saves a step. When septic service vehicles travel along the same roads as all of those potential customers, it is the perfect opportunity for a business to gain new customers. Since people see the trucks, why not let them see the company name and phone number also, making the next step that much easier for them.

Proof In the Numbers

Research done on the branding of service vehicles such as vacuum trucks indicates that the small investment it takes pays for itself very quickly. In more populated areas, vehicle graphics are seen as many as 65,000 times in a single day and as many as 30,000 times in suburban areas. This is much more exposure than even most online listings generate, since people only search online when they are in need.

The benefit from this real time exposure is to leave people with a good impression so they will remember the names, logos, and catch phrases associated with the service. The next time they require this type of service, they will remember the trucks they have seen around town and place a call to them - or at least look up the website to learn more. Feedback from consumers also suggests that truck branding is more effective than billboards or yellow pages ads and generates a positive impression of the company.

Using the Best Branding for Service Vehicles

To get the best effects from truck wrap and other types of branding, the right type of graphics are required. Like all other types of advertising, there is a definite art to these designs so they are effective and attractive without being overwhelming. Companies are cautioned against using anything other than professionally designed vehicle branding; things like photographs, cartoons, and overly complex designs should be avoided.

It is also not necessary to turn vacuum trucks into rolling websites with a large amount of text that will be hard to read on the road. A bold design with the company logo and the phone number, along with a design that corresponds with the business colors and website are the most beneficial. Including a catchy or witty saying with the branding may increase the memorability of the company name even further.

Branding of vacuum trucks is a basic operational essential that all business owners should consider. By using a professionally designed truck wrap or vehicle brand design, companies who purchase vacuum trucks for sale will see greater returns from their advertising dollars. When consumers can see the trucks on the road and in service every day, they are more likely to remember the name and make a call to that company the next time they require septic services!

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