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Water jetting with specialty high-pressure jetting vacuum trucks is a useful solution for many different cleaning jobs today, as companies have learned the many benefits offered by these powerful machines. They make jobs like sewer cleaning and pressure washing easier and more efficient, although they do come with certain challenges. Jetter vacuum trucks for sale must be used correctly and safely to prevent a number of injuries that are common among operators of these machines.

Hearing Loss

The most commonly experienced injury that operators of water jetting vacuum trucks sustain is ear damage in the form of hearing loss. The compressors and other equipment used on these trucks to pressurize and deliver water at such high rates are extremely noisy, producing much higher than 85 dBA in some cases.

Hearing can become damaged with prolonged exposure to any sound that is 85 dBA or higher. Although this damage may not occur suddenly, operators of water jetters are particularly susceptible to hearing injury, which is why using acceptable hearing protection is essential. Every truck should be equipped with a supply of disposable earplugs that meet OSHA standards and provide adequate protection for this type of work.

Hand and Body Injuries

The second most common type of injury experienced by operators of powerful jetter vacuum trucks is physical injuries to the hands and sometimes other parts of the body. Depending on the job, these machines output water that is pressurized as high as a few thousand PSI, turning a stream of water into a potentially deadly weapon.

At high pressure, water can cut through flesh like a sharp knife or puncture like a gun, making specialty protective gear another essential item for operators of this equipment. As the hands are most at risk, it is important that operators have protective gloves and boots, preferably safety items reinforced with kevlar. Operators should always wear adequate body and leg protection such as safety coveralls.  

Head and Face Injuries

Besides the possibility of injury due to noise or highly pressurized water, jetter operators are also at risk of injury caused by contaminated water and flying debris while working. Dirt or debris in the eye, or to the face or head could easily result in infection or serious injury. As such, all operators should wear both eye goggles and full face shields to protect their entire head.

Heat and Cold Injuries

In addition to the above-mentioned concerns, jetter operators must be aware of the different ways they could become injured due to working in extremely hot or cold conditions. Jetting in extremely hot weather increases the risk of heat stroke due to added humidity and having to wear heavy, hot safety equipment. Working in extreme cold increases the risk of frostbite, as well as slip-and-fall injuries due to the jobsite becoming iced over very quickly. Operators need to take appropriate precautions in both extremes to prevent injuries and stay safe.

Considering how easy it can be for an operator to be injured using water jetting vacuum trucks, companies must prioritize safety to ensure employee compliance. Water jetter vacuum trucks for sale are powerful machines that require careful handling and special attention to injury prevention!

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