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High powered jetter and vacuum trucks are essential tools for municipal sewer cleaning today. Unfortunately, while this method of sewer cleaning is extremely reliable and effective, it can also use a lot of watero. As water conservation has become more of an issue across the country, more companies are trying to create good ways to reduce water usage and recycle what is available. Companies now looking for combo vacuum trucks for sale to use for sewer cleaning and other jobs have options offering water recycling features.

Water Use with Combo Vacuum Trucks

Sewer cleaning has become a Catch-22 these days due to the need for water. Combination jetter vacuum trucks have become the best way for municipal crews to clean and service local sewers using highly pressurized water; however, this typically means using a large amount of water. With water flowing at 80 gallons per minute for as many as 40 to 60 hours a week in some cities, the gallons add up into the millions per vehicle very quickly. In cities experiencing water shortages, or even those who are simply trying to be more environmentally conscious, this is a definite concern.

Latest Technology for Jet Vac Trucks

The good news is that there is a new way to conserve water for companies who operate high-powered jetter vacuum trucks as well as those searching for the right vacuum trucks for sale. By using a water vacuuming and recycling system that is now available for some combination jet vac trucks, cities can keep their sewers clean without high water consumption which would otherwise be costly in many ways. They can continue to use the same tanks of water over and over again, reducing water consumption to a mere fraction of what it was.

Developed by Vacall, these water recycling systems continuously suction up the water used for jetting operations, clean it with a 5-step filtration process, then redeposit water back into the truck’s tank for reuse. In this way, water can be re-used endlessly, with refilling required only as necessary to account for minor losses during operation and evaporation. Centrifugal filtering removes all solids and particles, leaving clean water that is ready for re-use in the same types of applications.

Additional Benefits with Water Recycling Systems

Besides the obvious and most substantial benefit of a drastic reduction in water use, these new jet vac water recycling systems also offer time-saving benefits. With on-the-spot water reclamation and filtration to be immediately reused, there is no need for sewer crews to stop and leave the work site to refill their tanks. This time savings, along with reduced fuel costs as well as wear and tear on vacuum trucks make water recycling systems for sewer service trucks now a desirable feature.

Although water recycling systems may not yet be available on all types of vacuum trucks for sale, they can be found for a few of the more popular brands of jetter vacuum trucks. Companies searching for great vacuum trucks for sewer jetting should look into this environmental and cost-saving technology. With less water usage, less time spent refilling, and less wastewater flowing into the sewers due to sewer jetting, everyone is a winner!

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