Vacuum trucks are powerful, profitable machines that are used for a variety of services today. To generate all of this suction power, these vehicles need the right PTO (Power Take Off) that can convert truck energy into vacuum strength. Based on a truck’s engine and transmission, as well as the equipment being powered, those who own vacuum trucks and those looking for vacuum trucks for sale can find the right PTO to ensure they are getting the most efficient power to their vacuum pumps.

The Transmission Tells All

The main factor in determining which PTO can be used on a vacuum truck is the transmission. Based on the transmission make, model, and size, PTO choice is limited to the options available to fit that specific transmission. Most transmissions are made with two or three different PTO openings. It is these openings that determine which PTO can connect to it; so the transmission is always the starting point. Unfortunately, due to other equipment on the truck, some of these openings may be blocked and inaccessible.  So the positioning of the specific openings must also be considered when determining which PTOs can and can not be used.

PTO Shaft Rotation Must Match Up

After narrowing down the field as to which available PTOs match the transmission openings in a vacuum truck for sale, the next step is to determine PTO shaft rotation. This is the point where the PTO must fit the equipment it will be powering. Certain gear pumps allow adjustment of shaft rotation; generally speaking, the PTO must match both the transmission openings and the shaft rotation on the equipment in order to work. This is a detail that many PTO buyers do not always realize when making such a purchase. Understanding this can save a lot of time, along with bolting up a PTO only to not have it work because it does not match in terms of shaft rotation.

Torque Versus Speed?

The main hurdle that must be overcome when shopping for a PTO for a vacuum truck is ensuring that everything matches up. The next obstacles to face are determining what torque and speed the equipment requires for proper operation and which PTOs that fit are able to provide this. When the torque and speed rating for the equipment has been determined, PTO buyers can then further narrow down their list of which units will work for them. Another important consideration is whether the vacuum pumps will need to run continuously or only intermittently, as this must be configured into the torque requirement. Then look for a PTO that can deal with this type of use.

The right PTO is an essential piece of equipment that all vacuum trucks for sale must have in order to ensure there is long lasting power being provided to the truck’s pumps. When a PTO is appropriately chosen, it should last as long as the vacuum truck. By having a clear understanding of all of this and then finding a PTO that matches the vacuum truck in all areas, the next critical thing to keep in mind is avoiding premature PTO wear and inefficiency with the vacuum pumps. This must always be taken into consideration, even when buying used vacuum trucks for sale that may be already equipped with a PTO. A vacuum truck owner must be completely sure they have the right combination of equipment in order to achieve the best results!

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