Ok let’s setup up a scenario: You operate a small to midsized company that requires a fleet of trucks to optimally serve your customers. Whether you are building your initial fleet for a new venture, adding on trucks for something growing, or replacing old trucks that just don’t cut it anymore, you have the same question looming every cost-concerned, vehicle purchaser has: NEW OR USED? Unless you have been living under a really big rock for the past two years, there has been no avoiding the economic turmoil that has swept the global business environment. As a result business owners are now, more than ever, forced to make the smartest, most cost-effective decisions to keep their companies relevant in increasingly competitive industries. For the wise business manager in all of us, the answer is undoubtedly simple: USED TRUCKS ARE THE WAY TO GO.

Think about this: with so many business being unprepared for or unable to adapt to difficult economic conditions, there must have been a need to unload major assets. As more and more companies suffer the unfortunate result of these times, those who just couldn’t cut it have been forced to unload recently purchased and perfectly functional trucks. Larger companies, mainly major power and light providers, are usually going to be looking for new trucks because they have the money to. Must be nice to be recession proof as a natural monopoly. For smaller and growing companies like the rest of us, however, Buying a new truck is an expensive endeavor that will tie a firm down with unnecessary and definitely unwanted debt immediately, not to mention significant depreciation within the first few years. In this business, we have to get our hands dirty to survive and succeed. Our trucks are no different. Sturdy and strong trucks and also cosmetically reconditioned to like new. The only status that matters is reliability. At Central Truck Sales our commitment to you the customer is to provide 100% ready to work, reliable trucks at the best possible costs.


Some key pieces of advice in purchasing your used truck. First and Foremost: INSPECT! Making sure your truck is in complete working order before you purchase is the most important thing you do in the buying process. If you can do it personally, great, if a personal inspection is not an option( your prefered dealer is in Miami, but your company is based in Los Angeles) have a trusted, reliable inspector do it for you.

Now that its clear a used truck is the best option for your business, What’s next? Well, like any smart individual, you want to make sure you are going to the right place to buy your used truck. This place has to be reliable and a trusted name in the business and most importantly, there for you after the purchase is made. There are many options for buying a used truck,from independant users, brokers, internet based companies,auction house, but your best bet is a steady, proven to be reliable dealer. Whether your bidding on a project, been awarded a lucrative contract or starting a new business, A good dealer will ensure that you are buying a fully functional and immediately ready to use truck that will last.

Central Truck Sales is a family owned commercial truck dealer located in Miami, FL doing business at the same location for over 45 years .At Central Truck Sales Inc. we cater to both the US and foreign markets. Export being the initial focus from startup has helped us expand to world markets building one of the most trusted names in the business. We pride ourselves on ensuring complete customer satisfaction and ongoing customer relationships that will go well beyond the purchase date.

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