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Hydroexcavation vacuum trucks have become increasingly useful over the years, providing more creative solutions to seemingly impossible digging dilemmas. Although they are mainly used in locating and digging for utilities and clearing public sewers, these specialty vacuum trucks for sale continue to prove themselves in new ways daily.

In delicate situations where the only solution involves long-range power flushing or carefully digging through an underground location, hydroexcavators may be the machines for the job.

Problem Solving with Hydroexcavators

Besides their common uses, hydroexcavation vacuum trucks are becoming the "go to" machines to solve increasingly difficult material clearance problems. Whether the problem is clogged, inaccessible underground pipes or dirt needing to be suctioned for underground building expansions, these trucks provide the power and grace required to solve what may seem like impossible challenges faced by construction companies.

The benefit offered by combination hydroexcavators is using either air, water, or both to effectively access, dislodge, and suction waste material to create a clear path.

Easy Access

The first benefit of using hydroexcavation for solving unusual clearance issues is by offering operators greater access to a blockage or deposit, even in extreme situations. By using strong hose booms and powerful vacuum pumps and blowers, these machines can access clogs in drains and pipes without the need to cut into them, saving countless working hours and money in the effort.

Debris is then flushed and suctioned out of difficult to reach areas, offering a cost-effective solution for clearing sludged up sewer lines and catch basins.

They also offer construction companies an efficient means of removing large amounts of soil and debris from unconventional building projects that cannot be reached by standard digging equipment.

Careful Control

Another advantage of using these specialty vacuum trucks for sale is the degree of control they offer in potentially delicate digging situations. When it is impossible to use other equipment because of the potential to hit unmarked pipes and wires, hydroexcavation offers the safest and most efficient alternative over hand digging.

This can be especially useful when dealing with unusual construction jobs, such as the need to dig under existing structures to expand basement space. When it is not known exactly where utilities are located, air and hydroexcavation offer useful options for quickly clearing out dirt in a construction zone.

While these represent only a few of the ways that hydroexcavation vacuum trucks can be used in more challenging circumstances, the message to construction companies should be clear. When traditional methods fail or would be too invasive, labor intensive, or even too dangerous, consider air and/or hydroexcavation. These powerful, yet precise specialty vacuum trucks for sale give construction crews important options that other machinery cannot!

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