Taking good care of vacuum trucks is an obvious need for those companies who rely on these vehicles day in and day out. Unfortunately, one of the more neglected areas of maintenance with many of these trucks, is the lack of care provided to a truck’s finish. Paint and finish is applied on industrial trucks, such as vacuum trucks, and any other heavy duty trucks being offered for sale, for more than just looks. It is important that truck owners have a full understanding that properly care for the finish of these vehicles, along with other routine maintenance, can help them have a longer and more productive service life.

Why Keeping Vacuum Trucks Clean Matters

All vacuum truck chassis and bodies come painted, just like any other vehicle. This is done to protect the metal from the elements, and whatever dirt and grime is encountered on a day-to-day basis. Paint types vary, and trucks with greater exposure to damaging elements typically are painted with more durable paint; but paint alone cannot protect a surface forever.

Considering the type of corrosive grime that most vacuum trucks that are sold encounter, truck owners must take the proper steps to protect the paint that is safeguarding their chassis. When the paint no longer offers this protection, corrosion is likely to occur; so keeping paint in good shape should always be a priority, just like any other type of essential maintenance.

Cleaning Work Trucks Is Relatively Easy

Keeping work trucks like vacuum trucks clean is important in order to regularly remove corrosive materials that can damage the paint and the metal beneath it, which is not very difficult to do. The finishes applied to most types of work trucks today do not require waxing or any other special treatment, having been created to be durable without the need for extra attention.

The best methods for keeping vacuum fleet trucks clean is just to regularly clean them with a mild, general-purpose cleanser. Fleets should be cleaned as part of their regular maintenance by using a general automotive detergent and a pressure washer. Avoid damaging the finish by keeping water below 125 degrees Fahrenheit and using the pressure washer below 1,200 PSI. Where there is stubborn dirt or stuck-on material, tackle those areas by scraping or wiping them down first or using a stronger cleaner only on those areas. Harsher chemicals, high pressure, or exceptionally hot water does more damage than good.

Make Washing A Part of Regular Maintenance

Cleaning vacuum trucks becomes more difficult to do when it is not done often enough. Like any other maintenance, when this task is ignored, problems will eventually arise. The answer for this is that a company make washing their fleet of work vehicles a regular part of truck maintenance.  This will ensure that all vacuum trucks, whether purchased new or used, are kept as clean as possible to reduce wear on the finish. Should the paint begin to wear off due to the amount of washing received, consider stripping and repainting. Not only will the vehicle look brand new, but the protective nature of a new coat of paint will be better. Above all, recognize that paint is what keeps the rest of the truck from corroding.  So a well cared for finish is essential for vacuum trucks and any other types of work vehicles.

To keep vacuum trucks in the best condition possible, a company must make regular truck washing a part of routine maintenance to protect the vehicle's factory finish. Those purchasing vacuum trucks for sale should inspect the truck paint carefully, while also looking for any signs of vehicle damage or metal corrosion. Once the vehicle is back with the rest of the fleet, take all necessary steps to prevent the newly purchased vacuum truck from corroding. This simple task can help a business get the most out of their vacuum trucks, while helping to ensure their fleet looks professional at all times!

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