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Weight is an issue that those who purchase hydroexcavation vacuum trucks need to consider before investing in one. While these trucks are becoming more desirable for many new applications, weight restriction is one detail that can negatively affect your ability to use these vehicles.

Thankfully, manufacturers of today’s hydroexcavators recognize the two main needs that they must fill to provide the best excavation vacuum truck for sale:  municipal weight restrictions and in-town maneuverability.

Vacuum Excavators and Weight Restrictions

Not too long ago, excavation vacuum trucks were rarely seen anywhere but at oil fields or construction sites. This is where massive hydroexcavation units have been used for decades to suction up material and dump it at the same site. Yet with newer uses for this equipment and greater demand for lighter duty work, transporting waste rather than dumping it has become more common. This leads to the problem of weight ordinances in urban areas.

The situation has many business owners wondering how to prevent overloading vehicles and having to deal with the hefty fines that could be a possibility when operating an overloaded truck on local roads. It has also left those who own larger equipment unable to fully utilize their hydroexcavation units.

If you are considering an investment in a hydroexcavation vacuum truck for sale, you may also wonder what options you have for staying within local weight restrictions while still getting the most from these expensive units.

Improving Design to Meet Weight Restrictions

With a growing demand for hydroexcavation vacuum trucks for sale that can be used in more urban settings, some manufacturers have decided to address this need. Truck makers are considering weight restrictions along with size and maneuverability. They are finding new and creative ways to give buyers the power and capacity needed for most municipal type jobs while still observing required loaded weight limits.

Design Focus

One manufacturer has developed a slightly smaller unit made from lighter components and a thinner tank, which balances its full weight better over the entire unit rather than just in the tank area. This allows them to include the highest capacity tank without overloading or unbalancing the truck. Another manufacturer has created a scaled down version of one of their much larger models. That truck focuses on weight distribution over the entire unit, taking away excess weight from the rear of the truck in unique ways.

Regardless of the design, the main focus of all manufacturers working on this problem has been to find better ways to distribute the weight of fully loaded vacuum trucks so they can use lighter axles and other components. Some of the most recent offerings are shorter and with smaller tanks that seem to satisfy the two main requirements:  reduced loaded weight and better maneuverability in smaller spaces.

As the demand for hydroexcavation vacuum trucks continues to rise, so does the need to offer these capabilities in lightweight and efficient ways. There are more possibilities than ever before to use hydroexcavation equipment in creative ways to build your business. Equipment manufacturers are answering this call and the need to keep companies like yours legal. They are solving this issue through design.

By using a newer, lighter, and more efficient breed of excavation vacuum trucks for sale, you will be able to grow your business without the risk of expensive fines or reduced efficiency!

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