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Custom built vacuum trucks may seem out of reach for some companies; they do not have to be. Depending on the service you provide and your customer base, custom units can actually be more profitable than stock built units. Before you invest in any vacuum truck for sale, do some math to determine whether going custom might be the best option for your business.

What Exactly Is Your Line of Work?

There are vacuum trucks available for purchase in all shapes and sizes, designed to perform all sorts of jobs. A company that provides basic septic or vacuuming services to the same type of customers may not need anything more than standard equipment.  On the other hand, if you are continuously seeking new work opportunities or offer a range of services, are you getting the most from your current equipment?

Do your current trucks offer employees efficiency; how much maintenance do they require? Do you contract work that pushes the limits of your equipment even if you do manage to get it all done? Custom equipment that better suits your needs may help you in all of these circumstances. It also gives you the opportunity to grow your business in a certain direction if you have the capabilities necessary to provide these additional services.

Work Smarter Rather than Harder

To determine whether you could be working smarter rather than harder, you must look at everything: the number of employees you have; the amount of equipment needed to complete certain jobs; the wear and tear on your machines; and how much maintenance they require as a result. Those who invest in custom built trucks typically purchase them to meet additional needs that a stock built vacuum truck for sale may not have.

You may need stronger pumps, larger tanks, or an all-in-one combination wet/dry vacuum unit. Even though you can use multiple trucks for the same job or work longer to perform the same work, the best way to get the most from equipment and employees is to have the most efficient equipment for each job.

Custom May Cost Less in the Long Run

Before sticker shock turns you away from the idea of custom equipment, do a comparison that could prove just what a great value custom vacuum trucks may be. It is easy to rationalize the cost of operating multiple pieces of equipment and using extra employees to perform certain work when that brings in the money. After a while, doing so becomes an added expense that actually reduces profits by increasing operating expenses.

Because of this, a lower initial purchase price may not always be cost-effective. The purchase of a custom truck could actually offer overall cost savings, leaving you with a greater profit rather than making due with standard trucks.

In the end, in order to decide if custom built vacuum trucks are a worthwhile investment, you must do a cost analysis that considers the jobs you perform now, the ones you would like to do, and your current equipment. An analysis should look at things like equipment lifecycle, maintenance costs, and work hours required today versus using a customized truck that offers more of the capabilities your company may need.

You may find that although it may cost more initially, custom equipment designed to your specifications is a better option than a standard equipped vacuum truck for sale!

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