“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.”
Jack Welch, former CEO of General Motors

Vision is a difficult thing to define. We all have a plan, whether personal, professional, or for those we care about, but is that plan worthy of vision status? Does that plan account for unforeseen happenstance, negative or positive? We all work hard for our visions and plans to be catapulted forward with fortunate happenings, but what happens when we work hard and matters out of our control derail that vision? What if the vision is clouded and unprepared?

As another hurricane season in South Florida passes, many visions were able to move forward without the wrath of Mother Nature derailing them this year. We were all very fortunate that this hurricane season passed with a prayer of thanks and a sigh of relief, but it is important to step back and reflect on the “What if’s” that inevitably exist.

What if another storm like Andrew, Wilma, or Katrina had swept through?

What if the global warming enthusiast is right and the worst storms are yet to come?

What if we are unprepared?

At Central Truck Sales, we have a vision as well. It is our relentless mission to prepare our customers and their homes for the aspects of nature that cannot be envisioned. While hurricane season is our busiest time for used truck sales, we at CTS share the stresses when disaster strikes and municipalities are clamoring for last minute reprieve. Central Truck Sales believes that the prepared customer is the best customer. Our vision is to keep all CTS customers informed of truck types necessary for different areas of necessary repair.


Let me create a vision for you. Close your eyes. Seriously, it’ll help the image to form in your mind.

There is a storm coming to your region of the earth. This storm will be fully equipped with an earthquake, floods, winds, rain, lightening, and tornadoes (I guess you could just go watch the movie Day After Tomorrow, but that movie was terrible and I would never ask anyone to waste 2 hours that way).

Ok, open your eyes, smile at the sun shining outside. Now that this storm is coming, what elements for preparation do we have to consider?

When electrical towers or power lines fail, will you know which truck to commission to get the repairs done quickly and efficiently? CTS inventory of Digger Trucks will get to the root of the electrical outage with emergency pole installation and Bucket Trucks for sale at CTS specialize in electrical and light repairs to get the power back in your community’s homes fast. Being prepared with trucks of this caliber will ensure the reduction of calls and complaints to local power and light companies and of course, get electricity back quickly before complaints can pile up.

What about the debris and wreckage in the streets or in residential communities? Any storm guarantees a big mess. Do you know which trucks are best for large amounts of debris? Small amounts? CTS has both Crane Trucks for sale for heavy debris and Grapple Trucks for sale to take care of the lighter wrecks. As these trusted trucks clean up the streets, it will be imperative to keep the affected areas fueled with CTS Fuel trucks transporting petroleum. As we all saw with Hurricane Katrina and in the aftermath of Haitian and Chilean earthquakes, the need to get fuel supply into disaster regions is difficult when preparation is lacking. Vacuum trucks for sale from CTS will provide security in knowing that even the worst situations can be remedied quickly to get life back on track.

Oh wait, its not over. This storm will have residual damage that goes way beyond power and buildings. As the ground moves and the wind blows, irrigation and plumbing become huge causes for concern to any affected geographical region. Vacuum trucks for sale at CTS are made by some of the most dependable and trusted brands in the world. CTS inventory of used vacuum trucks will be vital to sewage and flood cleanups around the heavily hit areas. While storms and earthquakes make have a flood-based impact, we have all seen that it doesn’t take a natural disaster to make Vacuum Truck preparation a necessity. With what has gone on in the Gulf of Mexico this year, sewage, industrial, and environmental cleanups can become a necessity at any time.

Once fuel can be transported through cleaned streets with power running and floods subsided, there is still the need to clean everything else. With damage to homes, buildings, parks, and other areas, Dump trucks will be vital to gathering and removing the irreparable pieces of former structures to allow for the birth of new landmarks, homes, and buildings. CTS inventory of Dump Trucks for sale have been cleaning up storm wreckages and helping regions start fresh for over 30 years.

It is easy to have a vision. It’s easy to work hard to see that vision through to the end. The difficult part is dealing with the obstacles that threaten to end the vision before it is completed.

Luck favors those who are prepared. Used trucks of all kinds, sold and serviced by CTS, have been on sight and ready for action at first sign of natural disaster. Those who prepare with CTS to set up a vision for how best to deal with matters we humans cannot control, will be the “lucky” ones when luck is needed most. Central Truck Sales of Miami is available 24/7 365 days of the year to help prepare its customers for Mother Nature’s worst. CTS used trucks are strong and dependable but it’s the dedication to preparing and servicing our customer’s needs that sets CTS apart. Stop by the store, Give us a call, or shoot us an email. CTS is ready to talk Vision whenever you are.