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Water jetting is just one more important way that vacuum trucks can be used today, providing more options for many companies to increase the work they can perform. To get the most from this service and the vacuum trucks used to provide it, businesses must teach workers about their efficient use. When operators use this equipment effectively, both productivity and safety rise.

Good Training Required

Water jetting equipment is specially designed equipment that when not used properly, can be extremely dangerous. Using water pressurized to 4,000 PSI, these type of vacuum trucks can cause serious damage to the body, which can cut through the skin at only 500 PSI. Injury is not the only concern with this type of equipment, either. Poor equipment operation typically results in reduced productivity when operators do not understand the best ways to use it.

To avoid this and increase safety and productivity at the same time, companies must provide thorough training for their workers and ensure they understand both good safety procedures and how to most effectively use the equipment.

Inspect and Analyze Before Jetting

A common reason why jetting with vacuum trucks takes longer than it should or that operators face difficulties with many jobs is because they did not approach them in the most effective way. This can be avoided by inspecting drain lines with a camera ahead of time to get an inside view of what lies ahead. Whether there are bends in the line, blockages or other concerns, workers can plan an effective approach and save time, resources and aggravation.

Companies that use cameras to inspect their lines beforehand typically see an increase in crew productivity, as less time is spent dealing with stuck equipment and other out of sight problems that can slow down the entire process.

Use the Right Equipment

Another essential practice for the greatest productivity and safety when using jetter vacuum trucks for sale is using the right equipment. After viewing the inside of a drain line and coming up with a plan, operators should be able to effectively choose the best equipment for the job. Through good training and an understanding of how to deal with the various types of debris they might encounter, workers can make the best use of their equipment. They should be proficient with the different nozzles available to them and understand when they should be used to most effectively resolve blockages and efficiently clear out drain lines. By using the right nozzles and techniques, jetting work will be easier and face fewer safety issues.

By considering these three essential factors, companies that use vacuum trucks for drain cleaning and other jetter work should easily understand how productivity and safety with this equipment go hand-in-hand. Providing good training to all operators allows the crews to make effective problem-solving decisions while working within important safety protocols. As a result, businesses utilizing jetter vacuum trucks experience greater overall job efficiency and higher productivity . When businesses who are expanding their horizons with jetter services understand the correlation between thorough training, safety protocols and productivity, drain cleaning and other jobs can become a profitable endeavor!

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