Keeping productivity high is an important goal for any vacuum tank trucks company. Yet in trying to ensure this goal is met, sometimes safety can be overlooked. When working with vacuum trucks, practicing safe work habits is essential - but this does not mean efficiency has to suffer. By using the following tips, any business purchasing new or used vacuum trucks for sale can remain profitable, while continuing to ensure that safety is a top priority. In the long run, the greatest productivity comes from the safe use of equipment, along with the avoidance of costly accidents!

Stay Productive with the Right Equipment

No matter what a vacuum truck may be used for, there are a few important equipment items that can make the difference between efficient productivity, and wasted time and effort, as follows:

  • The Right Pumps - Vacuum pumps come in different sizes and types, and not every pump is going to work best for every job. It is essential to use pumps that deliver the right CFM for the tank size, to most easily create and maintain vacuum pressure. Bigger is not always better, so ensure that the pumps installed on any new or used vacuum trucks for sale are rated for the tank size - to provide the best suction, with the least amount of effort. Also, depending on the climate during work hours, be sure to use heated pumps to prevent a freeze-up, or other problems that can delay work, and damage the pump.
  • The Right Hoses - Working with the right diameter hoses - according to both the material, and the length that is being suctioned - is essential for improved productivity. If the hose is too large, suction will be lost. If it is too small, the pumps will have to work too hard, for too few results. When different sized hoses are used together, the suction along the length of the hoses will change - resulting in hose clogs. There should be enough lengths of various diameter hoses available, to allow operators to use smaller diameter hoses for suctioning average weight material, with the ability to switch to larger hoses when the material is thicker and heavier. Reducing friction during suctioning by using smooth-bore hoses is important, as well.

Stay Productive with Safe Equipment Use

Any good vacuum tank trucks company knows that operating equipment safely is an important part of being efficient. By using the following tips, and ensuring all equipment is properly used, costly, and time-consuming accidents can be prevented:

  • Install Vacuum Releases - Vacuum trucks can be extremely dangerous to use - especially if there is no safety vacuum release. To prevent potentially dangerous accidents, every truck should be equipped with appropriate vacuum releases, including a manual release on the truck, a remote safety vacuum release, and an inline “T” release. With all three of these releases, if a problem should ever occur, it is possible to release the vacuum quickly - minimizing injuries.
  • Never Mix Tank Contents - Mixing tank contents can be a disaster if different chemicals are mixed together. This is particularly important when suctioning dry vs. wet material, as chemical reactions inside a tank can cause explosions, toxic fumes, poisonous gases, and other hazards. Never suction different contents into the same tank unless there is absolutely no chance of contamination, and the contents are the same material.
  • Always Ground Trucks While Suctioning - Under the right circumstances, the static that can build up while material is being suctioned into a tank is enough to start a fire and cause a tank explosion. Proper truck grounding is essential to prevent static charge buildup, especially when working with materials that have a lower flash point.

To achieve the greatest productivity with used vacuum trucks for sale, every vacuum tank trucks company needs to address safety and efficiency, together. By doing so, it is possible to get the most out of all vacuum trucks, while providing the best service possible!

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