As the oil industry is seeing a surge in certain parts of the country, the need for vacuum trucks outfitted for use in a large variety of oilfield applications is also on the rise. Dealers who offer oilfield vacuum trucks for sale are seeing an increased demand for units that can handle the rigors of oilfield work as a result. Whether upfitting vacuum trucks for oilfield use, or looking for new and used oilfield vacuum service trucks, companies must ensure their units are properly equipped in order to provide the best service to their customers.

Vacuum Trucks Oil Industry Usage

Drilling for oil is a meticulous process, one that produces a lot of waste material. To prevent accidents and keep the drilling process as efficient as possible, it is essential to keep sites clear of drilling waste. As wells are being excavated, it is necessary to have water at the drilling site to produce drilling mud to keep drill bits cool. There is also a need for suctioning away the various types of drilling waste being pushed up the well holes. This drilling waste may consist of mud, sand, crushed rock, oil-soaked mud and other materials. Given these characteristics, heavy duty vacuum trucks designed for oil use are an essential part of the process to suction up these various materials and transport them for dumping at the appropriate facilities.

Important Oilfield Pumping Specifics

Although they may look and act like any other vacuum trucks, those used in the oil industry have a few main differences. Oilfield vacuum service trucks must be equipped for handling hazardous, and potentially flammable materials, since some of the mud suctioned from drill sites may contain high amounts of oil. These job sites are typically a longer distance from usual work areas, so tankers should be as large as possible to increase the amount of waste materials that can be carried in one load - reducing the number of trips back and forth to the job site. Aluminum tanks are popular - both for their corrosion resistance, and lighter weight. This allows for a larger load to be transported from the job site with each trip. Most importantly, because of the variety of materials being pumped - and the thick, heavy mud commonly encountered, oilfield trucks need the strongest, most durable vacuum pumps available.

Essential Need For The Right Pump

Since oilfield work can be tough on vacuum trucks, it is essential to have a strong pump, as this is the part that does most of the work. Belt driven pumps can be used, but they tend to wear out prematurely in this grueling environment. To keep both new and used oilfield vacuum service trucks properly performing, most companies find they do best by using hydraulic pumps. These types of pumps do not wear out as quickly, and provide much stronger suction for heavy materials - and in various climates.

When buying oilfield vacuum tanks for sale, it is important the trucks be outfitted with the most durable and efficient equipment - just as it is when purchasing vacuum trucks for other purposes. Pumping services looking for trucks to use in the oilfield, should work specifically with oilfield vacuum truck dealers, who can help ensure they are getting the most suitable units for the job!

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