010-bigFalling leaves and debris may cause problems if not removed quickly; lawns could be damaged or sewers clogged. Each tree contributes to the litter and a problem such as this may require municipalities to find a sale of pump trucks to attain some powerful equipment for leaf removal. Vacuum trucks can easily remove trash piles and prevent issues from multiplying when the next rain storm comes. Below are some more interesting facts regarding leaf debris removal.

Harmful Effects

It is important to remove autumn leaves quickly to avoid harmful effects that could occur if neglected. Build-up in gutters can happen and severely damage a roofing system. When gathered in sewers and a storm occurs, flooding could happen from clogged drains. If leaves are left to decay on the ground, especially near a catch basin, water pollution is possible and bodies of water can become unsafe for activities like swimming or fishing.

Removal Programs

Handling both light and heavy debris is essential to maintain clean, safe and livable surroundings. Cleaning streets and removing leaves from the roof, gutters, street, lawn and catch basins during the fall season can prevent catastrophic problems from happening. In the past, the cleaning task was laborious as it required the gathering of leaves in large trash bags to be collected later. Thanks to the sale of pump trucks, the job of collecting such gathered leaves is easily done by vacuuming with the powerful vacuum truck.

Sweeping leaves from trees such as oak, maple and birch requires a heavy-duty vacuum truck. This vehicle is also effective in removing sludge, liquid, dust and solid material. It is efficient with autumn leaves collection and dust while is much kinder to air quality that happens with conventional brush sweepers. Any neighborhood can enjoy a good atmosphere as this equipment cleans the streets without generating airborne allergens.

Tips for Leaf Removal

Vacuum sweeping can be problematic when a neighborhood is not aware of what can limit the equipment’s efficiency. It is also important for operators to know some of these helpful tips for leaf removal:

  • Vehicle Inspection – The vehicle, warning lights, and controls should be inspected before work begins. Check the tank and be sure that it is free of any content from previous collections.
  • Trained Operators – Only allow experienced operators to drive the truck and collection crews should wear the company’s prescribed protective and safety gear.
  • Remove Large Branches and Other Waste – Be sure the pile of leaves is free from huge branches and limbs as well as other yard waste that could cause the machine to jam. An impeller grinds leaves into mulch but can jam if branches are too big.

Tasks such as autumn leave collection can be done with the aid of equipment with a powerful vacuum mechanism. Be sure to find a vehicle that can handle the job and get that sweeping done efficiently!

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