Vacuum_Truck_For_SaleThe vacuum truck is an easily recognizable piece of equipment. Its massive holding tank and hydraulic suction boom gives it a distinctive look. While most people can easily identify this truck because of its unique features, not everyone knows that there is more than one type of vacuum truck for sale and the specific use for each type. The following are the different classifications of vacuum trucks and their respective applications.


Liquid Suctioning Only – This type of vacuum truck is only suited for liquid suctioning. Although it may be able to tolerate some light solid debris during suctioning, using it extensively on such material could potentially damage the vacuum system. This type of truck is less expensive in comparison to other vacuum truck classes; however, it lacks the versatility that is often required for most siphoning jobs.

Liquid and Dry Suctioning – This type of vacuum truck is well equipped to handle all sorts of siphoning jobs whether the material to be suctioned is liquid, something in-between, or even dry bricks. This type of vacuum truck is equipped with a powerful cyclone and durable components that can tolerate solid and liquid debris.

High Velocity – For intensive siphoning jobs where immediate relief is required, a high velocity vacuum truck can be employed. The high velocity is distinguished by its powerful vacuum and massive holding compartment that allows it to suction various types of debris at a faster rate; it also gathers more debris in a single suction. High velocity vacuum trucks are the heavy equipment in the suctioning business. Its ruggedness from a vacuum truck for sale dealer does come with a high price tag and high operating costs. This is why it is only used primarily by state maintenance departments.


Siphoning Jobs – The vacuum truck has many uses. Siphoning jobs are required in many different circumstances. Business establishments require regular collection of liquid waste from their holding facilities as such debris cannot be disposed of without being treated or it will potentially contaminate natural bodies of water.

Removing Toxic Spills – Removing toxic spills from various bodies of water, such as lagoons and streams, can also be done efficiently and effectively with the use of a vacuum truck. The high velocity vacuum truck’s massive storage and high velocity suction is perfect for such a demanding job.

Road Maintenance – The most common use of a vacuum truck is for road maintenance. The vacuum truck is responsible for clearing drainage systems of blockage that would otherwise cause flooding during the rainy season.

Understanding the different types and uses of vacuum trucks is important to buyers as well as anyone else who might require the services of this vehicle. Buyers who want to purchase a vacuum truck for sale should understand the basic classifications of this equipment in order to find the one that is capable of the role it is expected to fulfill. Remember, when looking for a vacuum truck, there are different types for different jobs!