Vacuum trucks are carrier trucks fitted with a vacuum unit for suctioning particles or liquid from a given area andVacuum_Truck_for_Sale transporting it to another area either for disposal or use. These trucks are used for many duties including clearing sewer and storm drains that are designed to channel excess rain or ground water from roads, paved streets, sidewalks, and parking lots. When looking for a vacuum truck for sale, it could help to know that a few of the common makes include: Mack, Ford, Freightliner and Peterbilt.

Drain Performance

The performance of storm drains depends on design and construction as well as use and the level of maintenance. A poorly designed storm system can present a health risk or lead to flooding losses. Well-designed storm sewer systems contain underground separation and filtration units. They are built strong to withstand large overhead stresses whenever they are buried under a surface that is frequently used such as a street or parking lot.

Drain Blockage

Drains located in densely populated residential or business areas are more prone to flooding due to the potential for the water passages being blocked that lead to them. Dumped waste and misplaced objects that are found close to such water passages could get into the structures and block them. If a heavy rain falls before these passageways are cleared, water could overflow and in time lead to flooding. Routine maintenance that is performed using vacuum trucks at least two to three times a year can help to alleviate such an occurrence.

Drain Blockage Warning Signs

Overflowing of water from the overflow traps can be a sign of a blocked drain. Water accumulates and the level begins to rise until it reaches an exit where it flows out via gravity to the lowest point in the area. So the presence of stagnant water or unusual water build-up should be taken as a sign of blocked sewers. Whenever such observations are made, it is important to report the problem to the respective governmental authority so that the unblocking process can be carried out.

Drain Clearing

Blocked water passages are cleaned by suctioning out debris through the suction hose of the truck. If the debris appears to not be removable or if the passage is broken, suction excavation can be carried out to access the underground barrier structure for repair. Vacuum excavation or potholing is the process of safely removing covering material like soil without causing damage to the buried structures. The vacuum unit of the truck is modified in this case by attaching a special vacuum excavating head.

Drain Maintenance

Routine maintenance is carried out by using vacuum trucks. Again the waste matter at the bottom of the passageway is removed and transported to another area where it is dried. The dried material is then transported to areas where ground fill is needed. Such a usage provides for no wasting of the debris and an available resource is wisely used.

Storm drainage systems are vital to alleviating flooding problems in metropolitan areas. When a governmental body utilizes a vacuum truck for sale opportunity, then keeping storm systems free-running can be handled very effectively by the mighty vacuum trucks that do indeed take care of storm drains!

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