The commercial and specialized vehicle market is a constantly growing industry. This is a market thatVacuum_Truck_For_Sale manufactures heavy equipment to provide solutions for different applications. Of course, these include heavy-duty vacuum trucks engineered to collect and transport both solid and liquid materials in an easy, efficient and rapid process.

On the other hand, the vacuum truck for sale market is having issues with the complete removal of debris inside the tank. One way to handle this problem is with vibration technology to effectively remove all the remaining material and avoid the risk of workers have to get inside the tank to completely empty a load.


There is a great hazard during the unloading of material when workers have to get inside the vacuum tank to completely evacuate the debris. This method puts workers at risk for inhaling toxic gases or poisonous substances. To remedy this problem, there is vibration engineering for these vehicles to help unload the material more safely and quickly, eliminating the need for a manual cleansing and minimizing the number of workers to climb in or out of the vacuum tank, thus preventing unwanted injuries. In addition, this new technology enhances the unloading of waste, aids in increased productivity, decreases workers compensation claims and helps avoid any delays in scheduled activities.


There are several models of vibrating units that can be installed on a tank, all of which have the same function of helping the vacuum truck discharge the material being carried. The device is easily welded underneath the tank body to promote increased flow when unloading. There is an available portable mounting unit to allow for easy transfer from one truck to another; powered by DC batteries or a hydraulic power system that can be controlled by the cab driver.


Basically, vacuum truck vibrators help drivers empty the tank completely, decreasing the need for workers to enter into it to clean out all material. Additional benefits include: increased productivity; deceased fuel consumption; decreased labor costs; and decreased costly repairs. Properly installed units can save time by rapidly and completely discharging the transported material. This vibration eliminates the abrupt stopping and starting of the truck which has been done as a method to loosen the residual. By installing vibrators, damage to the vehicle’s clutch, brakes and transmission can be avoided.

Vacuum trucks are responsible for dumping the sludge and debris that has been removed from a location. It is well-known that dumping this material does not remove all of it from the tank, as there is some of it that has adhered and settled down to the bottom of that receptacle. This is the primary reason that vacuum truck for sale purchases rely upon vibration technology to totally remove any remaining material stuck to the bottom of the tank. With the development of vibration technology, the unloading of hard-to-discharge material such as sludge and other slurry substances will easily flow out from the tank. Vibration technology is a truly wonderful way to make life safer and easier for vacuum truck owners!