Vacuum_Truck_for_SaleThere are times when the best choice to make to purchase a vacuum truck for sale is to borrow the money. For new businesses, financing allows a company the opportunity to invest capital in other necessities. For seasoned entrepreneurs, this method of purchase may be the best option during times with limited capital resources!

Lending Institutions

The most logical and simple way to finance a purchase is through the local bank. The process is usually a better experience if there are some connections to the bank, although such connections with local banks do not always exist. Applying for a loan can be a lengthy paper process. Established business applicants need a credit score in the mid 600’s. In addition, banks also require that applicants provide tax returns from prior years as well as current financial statements and other essential documents.

It is hard for new businesses to get bank financing, even with a credit score of 680. Generally, new entities are considered by lending institutions as high risk and as a result must adhere to a higher lending practice standard; however, loans and/or lease programs are still available.


A vacuum truck for sale is often available through a loan or lease program. With a loan, the property title is transferred from the bank when the loan is paid off; leasing is similar to paying rent, with the option to purchase sometimes being offered at the end of the lease. In comparing the two, a loan requires more money up front while a lease requires a down payment of twenty percent or more of the vehicle cost.

It should be determined whether a financial institution will extend a loan or lease for a vacuum truck. Some lenders offer loans for these vehicles while some do not finance such equipment. The length of the loan or lease must also be determined. Terms may be based on the age of the vehicle or a certain maximum time may be required for the repayment of the loan. It is customary for heavy equipment terms to be based on the vehicle age and can extend from 36 months to 60 months.

Computer Qualification Models

Paperwork is frequently a lengthy requirement to qualify for financing. Some lenders are now use computer qualification models in their application process; financial statements, income tax returns, and other key documents are no longer required. This kind of financing is often available only to established companies; however, although some financial institutions are making such an application programs available to new businesses as well.

It is important for applicants seeking to finance a vacuum truck for sale to investigate all available lending programs before searching for a vehicle. The equipment itself is usually the collateral for the loan and no additional collateral is necessary. The information provided above should be helpful when financing the purchase of a vacuum truck; however, it may also be helpful to seek advice from a professional who can represent them during this process; this is especially important for applicants not well versed in the financing process. Attaining some basic knowledge about financing and understanding the terms of a loan will make the process much more comprehensible – and then it is OK to finance that vacuum truck!