Vacuum_Truck_For_SaleUtility company usage of hybrid equipment is growing in popularity. Although an expensive investment, spending a large amount of money on a hybrid vehicle demonstrates a company’s commitment to environmental stewardship. So before purchasing a new vacuum truck for sale, hybrid vehicles should be considered to help make an environmental difference in the world.

The Hybrid Market

The sale of commercial hybrid trucks is till a little sparse. The primary reason given for not purchasing these “green” vehicles is the price, especially for smaller contractors. Manufacturers do not want to decrease prices until the demand dramatically increases and even federal tax credits cannot offset the premium price even with some models eligible for up to $12,000.00 in tax credits.

As far as fuel savings are concerned, companies are becoming accustomed to constant fuel price swings which have taken away the rush to purchase a vehicle with “green” technology. Manufacturers remain optimistic about the hybrid market that is becoming more attractive, since diesel prices continue to rise and the “green” campaign is becoming more popular with utility companies.

Present Hybrid Technology

A hybrid vacuum truck for sale today relies on both its diesel-powered engine and electric motor as power sources to provide the necessary power at any given time. The lithium ion batteries for the electric motor are charged with the use of the brake. This energy can be utilized later to accelerate or operate the accessories such as the vacuum engine. This type of hybrid model relies more upon regenerative braking and is recommended for usage in metropolitan areas where there is a lot of stop-and-go driving. According to experts, they are not the best choice for traveling long distances or high-speed driving in rural areas.

Reduced Idle Time

All energy stored in the battery can run truck accessories for up to forty minutes with the diesel engine turned off. When the battery supply of electrical energy reaches a low level, the diesel engine turns on automatically, recharging the batteries in as little as five minutes. This mechanism is very good for vacuum trucks since the operator can do the pumping using the power from the battery, which offers a great savings on fuel and drastically reduces idle time at a worksite.

Competitive Edge for Going “Green”

A hybrid vacuum truck for sale is good news for any company heading towards being “green.” Many clients are now actively searching for contractors that are “green,” reflecting a concern about the environment. This is accomplished by using hybrid trucks for business operations. Although it is difficult to put a value on a company with a “green” image, many companies continue to successfully develop marketing programs based on this image.

For companies who are trying to make a difference in the industry, finding a vacuum truck for sale with hybrid technology could be a great way to increase the company’s profitability. Beyond the unpredictable fuel price swings and other benefits, turning to hybrid technology makes sense; consumers are becoming more comfortable with this technology and are truly ready for the change it can make in the world!