Cleaning sewers and drainage systems is undoubtedly a very dirty job. When muck and other debris build up, someone has had to go clear things out manually with an auger. Vacuum Truck For SaleThankfully, those days can be history with the help of the vacuum truck. It is still considered a dirty job; however, now it can be done without workers getting so smelly and slimy!

Vacuum Truck Information

A vacuum truck for sale and use is a commercial utility vehicle that is employed for cleaning all sorts of liquid and semi-liquid waste. It is popular with any city’s maintenance crew since it is mainly used for cleaning sewers and drainage systems to relieve the workers of a more manual operation.

The vacuum truck is built around a regular truck frame except for the massive tank that sits directly behind the cab with its coiled large-diameter hoses. The massive tank serves as temporary storage for collected debris which will then be emptied into a collection facility or a dump site.

The vehicle is equipped with a suction hose similar to your household vacuum cleaner and is able to collect liquid waste with a minimum of time or dirtiness. The diameter of the hose is larger than your average vacuum hose and ranges from 4” or larger in diameter so it can accommodate large debris without facing blockage of the hose.

The vacuum truck pneumatically extracts the liquid and/or the debris into its collection tank. Negative pressure that serves as the suction power for the hose is generated by a rotary vane vacuum pump either by the truck’s own engine or by another engine mounted behind the truck.

Buying Guidelines

When looking for a great vacuum truck for sale, an internet search would reveal that this truck comes in various specifications depending on the manufacturer’s design. A determination must initially be made as to what type of vacuum truck is suitable for the particular job which in turn will dictate what types to consider for a business’ unique requirements.

  • Capacity – The capacity of the truck’s tank is the volume of the liquid and/or debris it can accommodate which is usually measured in gallons. If possible, compute the average amount of liquid that needs to be suctioned before purchasing a vacuum truck for sale.
  • Engine – The suction pump can either be driven by the truck’s main engine or by a separate engine. The advantage of using the truck’s main engine is that less maintenance is required since there is only one engine to maintain. This can hurt the truck’s efficiency since the power to operate the truck and the vacuum would consume more fuel. A small separate engine could provide just the right amount of power and consume less fuel.

Buying Locations

Unlike other vehicles, a vacuum truck probably won’t be found on a local used car lot. The best place to find a vacuum truck for sale is through the internet. This allows for searches of various commercial vehicle dealers found online. Numerous and varied choices should be revealed to allow for finding a brand, model, capacity, and even great price. Best of all, it can be done in the comfort of an office or home. Hopefully, the above information will be useful in finding a great vacuum truck for sale!