The vacuum truck is like an oversized suction machine. Its concept is very basic, yet it is used for so many important applications. In fact, the machine is so valuable that it is difficult to imagine living a modern lifestylVacuum_Truck_for_Salee without it. A vacuum truck for sale when purchased is an important asset that has revolutionized many industries. Following are some of the industries that greatly depend upon this vehicle.

Practical Uses

  • Sewage Cleanup – One of the most common roles for this equipment is sewage cleanup. The vacuum truck is often seen on the side of the road with its nozzle stuck into a sewage opening. The role of the equipment is to remove debris that is too large to go through the sewage system. It is also used to loosen sludge build-up and optimize the flow of waste water through the system.
  • Septic Tank Collection – Some remote areas that do not have a sewage infrastructure must resort to the use of a septic tank as a means for disposing of domestic waste water. These tanks can only hold a limited amount of fluid and must be drained regularly in order to keep them from overfilling. The vacuum truck is the equipment that collects all of the sludge that has been stored inside the septic tank and transports the waste water to a facility where it will be treated.
  • Oil Spill Clean-up – With our ever-increasing dependency on fossil fuel, oil spills are a very common occurrence on both land and sea. Even if a spill occurs at sea, large clumps of sludge will drift ashore and stick on rocks and sand. The same thing happens if an oil spill occurs on land. It can seep into the ground or find its way to nearby water systems and cause contamination. The vacuum truck is one of the most vital tools used in the clean-up of oil spills, as it is capable of removing not just the oil, but also rocks, soil and sand that has been contaminated. The suctioned particles are then transported and treated before returning them to their original site.
  • Drilling Operations – Drilling operations for oil and deep wells produce a considerable amount of waste water that is used to lubricate the drill shaft. If left alone, it can seep through the ground and find its way to underground bodies of water causing environmental damage. Ideally, drilling sites should have a stand-by vacuum truck ready to suction the waste water as the drilling operation proceeds.
  • Toxic Waste Transportation – There are some manufacturing processes that also create toxic by-products that can harm the environment if not properly treated before being disposed. In such cases, the vacuum truck is used to handle the waste water safely and transport it to the respective treatment facility.

Correct Choice

In finding the right vacuum truck for sale, the capacity of the storage tank as well as the type of vacuum system needed must be considered. Certain systems such as ones that use centrifugal compressors can generate a huge amount of air flow and fast suctioning power. On the other hand, positive displacement pumps or vane pumps have a relatively low air flow but can create high negative pressure for viscous suctioning jobs.

Aside from the vacuum function, some manufacturers include additional features such as a hydraulic rear door lock, telescopic boom, and water tank storage. Of course, not all of these features are necessary for every application and will only raise the price of the truck. This is why it is so important to first determine the business needs for this vehicle and the comparable specifications that will meet those needs before purchasing a vacuum truck for sale!