v-truckThe production process of the petroleum industry is usually divided into two categories – upstream and downstream. Upstream refers to the beginning of the process – the geographic expedition and production zone; downstream refers to the last part of the process – the area that handles the refining, distribution, and marketing process. Some oil and gas companies operate locally while others operate worldwide, depending on whether the company is fully integrated or able to handle both ends of the production process. The exploration, production, and distribution of petroleum products relies heavily upon the services of a vacuum truck for sale, efficient machines that can be trusted as an indispensable piece equipment in the petroleum industry.

Upstream – Exploration and Production

Once the location of oil or gas has been identified and the presence of geological formations are confirmed, exploration drilling can begin. This process includes potholing, which is when vacuum trucks are used for hydro-excavation to expose underground cables, wires, and oil pipes to prevent any damage to them and the surrounding exploration wells.

In addition, this equipment is used in hydraulic fracturing to extract and allow natural gas and crude oil to flow to the surface. Vacuum trucks are also used for the safe removal and transportation of drilling mud and brine water to disposal facilities to protect the environment. Petroleum waste collected from these exploration sites is highly flammable; therefore, pump trucks are used to minimize the risks associated with the handling and disposal of such material.

Downstream – Refining and Distribution

Once hydrocarbon resurfaces, it must be rerouted into central production facilities to separate oil, gas, and water. The production facilities must ensure that crude oil is free from any dissolved gas prior to distribution, and gas must be free from contaminants such as water, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide. After the refining process, heavy-duty pumps are used to haul and distribute products to other storage facilities or to gasoline stations located locally or globally.

Since the finished products of the petroleum industry are prone to static charges or sparks during transportation and distribution, it is recommended that any vacuum truck for sale be properly grounded to an electrostatic ground source to prevent ignition of the product.

The oil and gas industry has always been one of the most competitive businesses and dominates all other industries on the face of this planet. Product demand continues to escalate; engaging in this type of work can help anyone in this business achieve an increasingly high profit level. Companies engaged in the petroleum industry may deploy several types of specialized equipment to help in the exploration, extraction, production, refining, distribution, and ultimately the restoration and rehabilitation of a drilling site to a sustainable and sound condition. A vacuum truck for sale is an invaluable piece of machinery to the oil and gas industry as it is very cost-efficient, enabling the entire operation to be streamlined, allowing for a sustained level of productivity and the ability to generate revenue!

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