2522Hurricanes are catastrophic damaging natural disasters caused by spiraling high-speed wind which can yield secondary effects such as storm surge, tornadoes, and inland flooding. When compared to other calamities, the degree of devastation is higher because of the severity of the entire weather system that can cause more destruction to life and property. For some businesses, this natural occurrence could interrupt normal business operation; however, to a vacuum truck for sale, this is a tremendous opportunity to generate more income and increase net profits.


Major hazards can happen when a hurricane makes its landfall. One of the aftermaths is heavy rainfall and inland flooding. Basically, tropical cyclones generate strong winds and intense rainfall which can result in destructive flooding which is the most threatening event for anyone residing inland because it has the tendency to last for days, inundating entire houses and buildings.

Flooding can have a direct negative effect on the health and well-being of inhabitants which often happens during or in the backwash of inland inundations that is discovered when residents go back to their homes to clean and repair damage as well as remove any accumulated debris. This situation can bring lingering health effects such as waterborne infections and air-borne disease. To decrease damaging impacts and health risks, vacuum trucks can be used to fast track the cleaning process safely and effectively.

The Vacuum Truck Effect

When flooding subsides after a hurricane’s landfall, culverts, storm drains, and catch basins will have accumulated debris, mud, soil sediment, sand deposits, and sludge which can be devastating. If this is not promptly addressed , severe environmental and health effects can quickly happen. To address such issues, local governments use vacuum trucks, powerful devices that can easily and rapidly suction mud and other debris that clogs storm drain channels. They can also use built-in power-washers to pressure wash soil sediments that is hard to remove and thickly accumulated on structures. The efficient performance of a vacuum truck for sale in collecting large amounts of debris makes it the most effective and efficient answer to hurricane disasters; this powerful vehicle can safely and rapidly complete the work in the scheduled time frame.

The devastating effect of hurricanes can’t be measured by simply seeing what the high-speed wind has done; that is only a portion of the entire scenario. It is important to take into consideration the common chain effects when hurricanes strike. Such effects include high-speed winds which can violently rip off exterior building material; a threatening storm surge; deadly tornadoes; intense rainfall; and inland flooding which always happens and is often taken for granted yet is perhaps the most fatal and destructive effect of all.

When intense rainfall stops and inland flooding subsides, storm sewers are usually blocked and clogged with mud, impeding the sewage system of the affected community. To prevent and resolve this issue, a vacuum truck for sale is the most efficient and effective tool in keeping storm drains clean and free from obstruction and allows the system to function at peak performance. Thankfully, it is indeed true that the wide scope of hurricane damage can be overcome with the suction power of vacuum trucks – no hurricane damage is too big for this versatile vehicle!

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