The removal of fallen leaves from the ground can be a difficult topic for a property owner to discuss. During the fall season, boundless leaves fall from the trees and coverVacuum Truck for Sale the ground which could harm your grass if not removed. To prevent sewers from clogging and grass from dying, it is important to dispose of those unwanted leaves. When addressing the problem of the removal of leaves from the street, vacuum trucks can make the work easy and remove the leaves rapidly.  This versatile truck is finding many municipalities scrambling to find a vacuum truck for sale to handle their left removal program!

Vacuum trucks can clean large piles of leaves in a short period of time. This is a fairly new technology and the equipment involved allows personnel to collect leaves efficiently.

Leaf Removal Programs

Vacuum trucks are very effective in leaf removal programs as they can handle both light and heavy debris. The Cedar Rapid Solid Waste and Recycling Division of Cedar Rapids, Iowa is utilizing vacuum trucks in leaf removal. The vacuum truck is guaranteed to provide a complete street cleaning and removal of the leaves from the streets during the fall season. Cedar Rapids actually has ten powerful vacuum trucks for leaf removal.

In Arlington, Virginia, homeowners are encouraged to rake leaves when a significant amount have fallen throughout their yards and pile them onto the sides of the streets for vacuum leaf collection. Additionally, Iowa City, Iowa is also using vacuum trucks. Their program consists of four personnel to collect leaves piled on the curbside. Different types of leaves from various trees such as maple, oak and birch trees are easy to suck up using a vacuum truck.

The traditional way of collecting leaves in most leaf collection programs is done with the use of 100% biodegradable bags. Residents are told to put the leaves inside the large trash bags for collection. They are then collected at a scheduled time. This significantly helps citizens dispose of the large volume of leaves accumulated each fall. To guarantee a successful leaf collection effort, refuse collection services are now using vacuum trucks to improve these programs. This type of leaf collection system is faster compared to the traditional means of leaf removal.

New Trend of Leaf Removal

Indeed, the latest trend of rapid leaf removal is through the use of vacuum trucks. Companies operate in most areas that deliver clean-up and removal services. They offer full leaf removal or just a curbside pick-up. Both of these removal services have vacuum systems that suck up a large volume of leaves that are piled up at the curbs. The disposal fee ranges from about $50 to $100 depending on the volume of leaves that need to be collected.

Vacuum trucks are very useful machines in today’s modern world; indeed, they are so advantageous that finding a vacuum truck for sale may be harder than anticipated!  During the fall season, leaves are scattered on the ground and the easiest way to remove the leaves from the lawn or at the curbside is by using the vacuum truck system. Vacuum trucks are so efficient that they suck up even the smallest leaf and then haul them away to a compost site, allowing residents to “fall back” and relax!