Vacuum_Truck_Green_and_WhiteRemoving decaying debris along with plastic wrappers and residue from drainage systems is a tough and messy job – yet someone has to do it. Thankfully, there is an air mover pump truck for sale that can deal with this kind of a job quickly and efficiently.

An air mover is a unique vacuum truck that relies on negative air pressure to get necessary work done. It generates a cyclone-like environment that can remove all types of debris along its path including liquids, muck, and even dry material.

Components and Functions

An air mover is a massive vacuum truck on wheels; however, it does have many interesting components.

  • Chassis – A pump truck for sale chassis serves as the base for bolted-on vital components; specifications vary depending on holding tank capacity and vacuum vane size. Trucks with large holding tanks often have double and even triple axles to evenly distribute load weight on the road. Large vanes also require larger engine displacement for effective power capability.
  • Holding Tank – Debris removal using a vacuum truck is fast, resulting in a thorough cleaning job. It serves as safe, temporary storage for debris collected at a job site until arrival at its intended destination, usually a treatment facility. The tank is unique because its end is a large hatch for easy disposal of debris and includes a cyclone separator and filters for sorting wet and dry debris.
  • Hydraulic Boom – The hydraulic boom is a metallic arm that supports the suction hose. It is used during heavy suction jobs when the hose weight increases because of the contents being suctioned.
  • Water Pump – This is another vital component that is used to generate a high pressure water jet to clean the suctioned area and equipment parts. The water pump fresh water storage is on board the vehicle.
  • Vane – Generating negative pressure along a hose line requires massive vanes to draw air from the system faster than the normal process. The angled blades of the vanes along with high RPM’s provided by the truck’s engine make this action possible.

Equipment Benefits

An air mover vacuum truck is a great tool for many industries, capable of suctioning 5,000 to 6,500 cubic feet of air per minute for a faster removal rate than ever before. Newer systems also include a single filter catering to both wet and dry suction, eliminating the need for separate filters for each type of material being suctioned which can improve work efficiency.

Maintenance Requirements

An air mover vacuum truck offers rapid performance but does require strict maintenance to maximize its lifespan. Maintenance includes regular filter replacement to prevent vane damage. Removal and cleaning of holding tank residue should be done daily to prevent damage caused by corrosive debris.

An air mover truck is a powerful piece of equipment that can suction both wet and dry debris. Understanding an air mover vacuum truck, its components, benefits, and maintenance requirements should allow for any company using this heavy-duty vehicle to succeed!

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