010-bigPotholing is the process of digging a hole in the ground to expose and test different utility lines to determine its exact location. The most commonly used equipment for this task is an excavator; however, this machine can sometimes cause damage to sensitive utility lines. So many service providers use vacuum trucks to accomplish this particular task safely and efficiently. Before heading to the nearest vacuum truck for sale to acquire such powerful equipment, read some of the helpful information below.

Potholing Projects

Potholing is an important task in the oil drilling industry, requiring powerful and specialized equipment since it involves exposing sensitive power lines and oil transport lines. Utilizing vacuum trucks can safely accomplish this task by avoiding damage while also creating minimal surface disruption.

Excavator vs. Vacuum Truck

Many may be under the impresson that an excavator is the only machine to dig through the ground when there a vacuum truck can do the task as well, both safely and cost-efficiently. Listed below are a few key differences between the two pieces of equipment.

  • Safety – An excavator is a powerful machine used for digging holes with a knuckleboom arm attached to a bucket acting as its shovel. The large bucket with a straight cutting edge is designed for soft earth while buckets with hardened side cutters and teeth are designed for hard ground and even rocks. For potholing tasks, either one can pose problems by breaking sensitive utility lines. This is not the case with a vacuum truck for sale since it uses water combined with pressure to dig out soil without damaging sensitive underground systems and lessening damage to the surrounding area. Unearthing is done using water which blasts away soil and debris and then sucks up whatever is broken loose, allowing for the safe exposure of any hidden lines.
  • Speed – Aside from the possibility of damaging any hidden underground sensitive structures, vacuum trucks can operate significantly faster than excavators, which is a cost savings for any company. The operation requires fewer workers, making the equipment very cost-efficient. Remember that during the process, a vacuum truck may leave little to no remnants or tracks that would need to be restored at the end of the project, lowering costs for restoration and other associated items.

Potholing Safety

Potholing in an oil field may be hazardous, so it is important to have skilled and experienced operators who are aware of exposure to such dangers. Most of the wastewater being pumped from the work site may contain toxic petroleum that could be released into rivers and streams. Personnel must drain such brine water into the proper disposal facility to prevent being exposed to toxins that could be damaging to the environment.

Potholing with a vacuum truck reduces the risk of hitting sensitive and dangerous underground lines. When compared to the commonly excavators for digging, any vacuum truck for sale is powerful and capable of digging holes safely and efficiently – consider purchasing one for the next excavation project!

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