Vacuum or pump trucks handle some of the worst tasks that exist, including clearing sewage, hauling sludge fromVacuum_Truck_For_Sale_Yellow septic systems, and transporting caustic chemicals; these are just a few of the material handled by this vehicle. Buying a new pump truck for sale does not eliminate that unpleasant smell or prevent harmful exhaustion fumes. There are some things that can be done to eliminate, if not decrease bad odors during operations, a few of which are listed below.

  • Exhaust Deodorizer – While operating, the air exhausted from the system can put bad odors into the air. Adding exhaust deodorizer that can be bolted onto the exhaust can significantly decrease such unpleasant smells. It typically includes a canister that holds the chemical deodorizer and requires adequate space for the canister to fit right behind the exhaust. There should be enough clearance on the top part of the container to easily pour deodorizer into the canister.
  • Hose Cleaning – Hoses may have contain remnants of some prior pumped material that could cause the growth of bacteria and contribute to the odor problem. Taking off hoses and cleaning them regularly will greatly decrease the problem; the task should include thorough cleaning with scrubbing, brushing and deodorizing. Just remember that after several operations, it would be helpful to scrub down the hoses to significantly decrease any odor issues.
  • Proper Disposal – All material should be disposed at a treatment facility that is capable of handling such unpleasant material. Depending on state requirements, all chemicals must be properly handled as prescribed by the regulating agency, often at a treatment facility located away from a community or city. The facility must be capable of processing and treating waste material and minimizing any environmental threat.
  • Understanding Hazards – Orientation before going to a jobsite is very important; with this important step, the safety of the crew that could be exposed to chemical and potentially toxic fumes or gases being released from exhausts is at risk. Before proceeding to a project site, workers must understand the hazards inherent with the material or substance that will be hauled. It is also important to become familiar with rescue and evacuation procedures in case a leak with harmful gas should happen; first aid kits should always be ready. It is also recommended that the vacuum equipment’s instructional manual regarding design and transfer operational safety be fully read and comprehended ahead of time.
  • Operating Precautions – Mixing two different types of material may cause a chemical reaction inside the tank, producing and discharging harmful fumes. Be sure to carefully handle all material transfer from one tank to another that avoids occurrence of any harmful chemical reaction. Vents or exhausts should be positioned away from the crew or work site. Exhaust stacks can be used to drain any gas fumes away from working personnel. Be sure throughout the pumping process that the air monitoring apparatus is being closely monitored to prevent overfilling as well as any unwanted loading and unloading pressures.

No one wants to have to work in an unpleasant environment. Efficiency and safety is of course desirable and can be achieved by acquiring the best pump truck for sale and also by applying these helpful tips to have pleasant work surroundings!

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