Vacuum_Truck_For_Sale_YellowExcavation used to be the work of excavators and digger trucks; now there’s a truck that has entered the excavation industry as a hard-working partner – the vacuum excavator. When a company purchases a vacuum truck for sale, the most common use for it has been to clean sewers and storm drains. With the addition of a strong jetter, it was found to be perfectly capable of putting speed and finesse into digging jobs, offering a neat and effective way to remove soil or debris.


It may be difficult to imagine how equipment without a drilling tool can manage to quickly remove large amounts of soil, yet the vacuum excavator is very capable for the work to be done. The secret to its abilities is the high pressure water jet and a great deal of suction power.

Vacuum excavators are equipped with massive amounts of water from one of its holding tanks. The water is then forced out by a high pressure water pump that gives the water enough velocity to break down soil. Merely spraying water on soil won’t excavate anything, leaving the soil muddy; this is why the excavator has to use its vacuum feature.

While water is being jetted onto the ground, the vacuum line is positioned to remove the soil that is loosened by the water. The soil is then suctioned into the truck’s massive holding tank along with the water that is being pumped out. Of course, this rapidly happens all at one time, which is why the equipment can do a lot of digging over a very short period of time.

The mixture of soil and water along with sand and stones is held inside the holding tank until it will be disposed or recycled. The water can be removed and treated while the soil and debris is recycled, if possible.


Although vacuum excavation may appear to be a fancy way to dig, it actually has advantages that cannot be found in conventional drilling equipment such as excavators and digger trucks. Here are some of the advantages of vacuum excavators.

  • Nondestructive – Excavating using conventional equipment can be destructive, especially if there are existing utilities buried underneath the digging site that could be damaged and need extensive repair. While highly pressurized water can loosen soil and rocks, it is gentle enough to not damage underlying cables, wires, and pipes.
  • Protects Surrounding Area – Some excavation jobs require the surrounding area to remain intact including landscaping, which is impossible with conventional equipment or even manual labor. On the other hand, vacuum excavation can do that very easily. The vacuum and water is channeled through hoses that can be directed at an exact area that needs digging and leave the surrounding area untouched.
  • Provides Cleaner Work Area – Getting a perfectly clean hole to install foundations can be achieved with vacuum excavation. The high velocity suction capability of the equipment can remove water, rubble, soil and anything that could weaken a foundation.
  • Works in Small Areas – Drilling in a confined space is often nearly impossible to most other equipment and workers as well; vacuum excavation can get around such problems. As long as the hoses can reach and fit into the drilling site, the job can be efficiently accomplished.

Vacuum excavation with a vacuum truck for sale is a relatively new digging method. Although it obviously cannot remove as much dirt or debris at one time as some other construction equipment, a vacuum excavator does offer advantages such as directional boring and nondestructive drilling which has given it the new title of digging demon for its productive and effective way of dirt and debris removal!

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