Although it does not appear at first glance that vacuum trucks have many moving parts, they actually require a great deal of maintenance for maximum operating efficiency and longevity. All internal components operate under high pressure and are subject to friction and deterioration from the debris that enters through the hoses into the tank. Without proper maintenance of a vacuum truck for sale, such equipment could experience premature deterioration and a significantly shortened service life.

Types of Maintenance Required

To add to the upkeep concerns, more than one type of maintenance is needed on vacuum trucks.

  • Daily – Avoid Damage – Certain maintenance should be performed daily to avoid damage to the equipment. This includes daily removal of the truck’s contents and cleanup of the holding tank and all parts of the suctioning apparatus. Vacuum trucks deal with various types of liquids and debris including caustic ones. Leaving the debris inside a vacuum truck for sale tank could cause its insides and other internal parts of the equipment to corrode.
  • Daily – Avoid Fumes – Another reason for daily removal and cleanup is that liquid waste may emit noxious and even flammable gas. If such debris is left inside the tank, such gas could build up inside the tank, posing a fire hazard risk or gas poisoning. If disposal is not an option, the tank should be kept partially opened and the vehicle stored in the open to allow any remaining fumes to vent safely into the atmosphere.
  • Daily – Avoid Freezing – If the outside temperature is below 32 degrees F, all water content should be removed including any in the fresh water tank to prevent freezing, blockage, and damage to the pumps. External components that are exposed to regular wear and tear should also be inspected, including: the tires for cuts and punctures; hydraulic lines for leaks; lights; and other components that could make the equipment unsafe for travel over roads and highways.

General Preventive Maintenance

Manufacturers indicate intervals for maintenance on some of the critical vehicle parts; regular operation constantly exposes these parts to wear and tear. These components require regular maintenance which may include lubrication, adjustment, or replacement. Here are some of the critical areas of the vacuum truck that requires preventive maintenance at certain intervals.

  • Hydraulic System FlushingVacuum trucks are equipped with hydraulic systems to move the large mechanical components such as the suction boom as well as the holding tank lock and lift. Hydraulic system flushing is done to clean up and eliminate contamination from the system. During operation, high pressure, any system leaks, and metal shavings getting into the system would eventually cause the fluid to become contaminated and deteriorate its viscosity. To maintain optimal system operation, flushing should be done as indicated by the equipment’s manufacturer. Hydraulic filter replacement should also be done after system flushing in order to remove contaminants captured by the filter.
  • Intake Hose Replacement – The intake hose is made up of flexible material, usually rubber. The material will eventually deteriorate due to regular exposure to various caustic substances along with friction from the debris that moves through it. Inspection of the tubing should be done regularly to check for punctures that reduce the equipment’s efficiency.
  • Filter Replacement – A filter protects the vanes on the pump from getting damaged by the debris. It acts as a barrier to let air through while blocking debris and keeping it from reaching and damaging the vanes; however, filters eventually wear down from daily use. To prevent the vanes from getting damaged, the filter has to be replaced at intervals indicated by the equipment manufacturer.

A vacuum truck for sale is powerful yet delicate at the same time. In order to have full service life from the vehicle and avoid down time due to unexpected breakdowns, always follow the manufacturer’s prescribed maintenance intervals. So it certainly is important that every vacuum truck has accurate and frequent maintenance!

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