Vacuum_Truck_for_SaleWhen looking for the best equipment for a certain job, it is important to not take any chances. Don’t look for a vacuum truck for sale without knowing its essential features as this could lead to buying one that is either not powerful enough or too powerful which could be such a waste of money. Learning about some of the important vehicle features that increase efficiency and productivity is important to know.

Depending on what tasks must be performed, there is a wide variety of choices available for all types of jobs. The vacuum mechanism, tank and other features should be studied in order to decide which type is the best one to purchase for any specific business needs.

Tank Types

The tank is a crucial part of these vehicles as it will handle and store the material being suctioned and comes in different types and various materials.

  • Stainless Steel – This type of tank is one of the best features to have when the main part of the job is transporting liquid waste, freshwater, oil, condensate or saltwater.
  • Rectangular – This type of tank is best for a job site that requires low-profile equipment. The top of it can be used as an additional compartment for hauling welding equipment, pipes, tools and other material and can be configured to handle recovery oil, waste and water.
  • Bulk – These tanks handle bulk sludge, semi-solid waste and liquids; they have a capacity up to 3,000 gallons and a high pressure pump. Typically, this single compartment tank is made from carbon steel, as such material complies with hauling hazardous materials as emphasized in DOT 412.

Other Components

The mechanism for removing liquids, slurry, sludge, mud and other solid waste may require high-pressure airflow ratings. Cyclonic filtration features technology needed to efficiently handle hydro-excavating tasks. Stainless coils or heated boxes may be needed to heat water or grease; additional internal baffles may be needed for additional stability; and access ladders may be needed with sure-grip for safety. Storage lockers or cabinets can also be useful for storing tools and other gear.

Purchasing Tips

It is important to determine the nature of tasks to be performed. Be aware of what tools, accessories and add-ons are needed as some could significantly increase the overall price. Read magazines, catalogs, websites, etc., to learn more about features and specifications. For first-time buyers, understanding that there are many dealers who sell both new and used machinery is essential. If possible, physically inspect any vacuum truck for sale and talk to the seller. Consider the manufacturer, type, features, capacity, maintenance requirements and safety elements as well.

Keeping up with the competition requires a machine that is well-equipped in order to handle any given job. A decision on which vacuum truck for sale to purchase starts with gathering information and knowing components to help operators and crews achieve better efficiency in day-to-day tasks!

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