005-bigDespite appearing to be a simple job, hole drilling can be a precise, demanding task at a job site depending on many different key factors. While an auger is fine for drilling utility poles and pole footers, when drilling smaller holes in tight constraints with buried power lines and pipes it would be helpful to consider a vacuum truck for sale. Useful for more than pumping septic tanks, vacuum trucks provide a good option for digging small holes with more control, less risk of surrounding damage, and keeping the job clean.

More Than Hole Digging

Even in the typical job of septic maintenance, a vacuum truck use both the power of suction and pressure. The truck vacuums material into its tanks and then must empty those tanks by reversing the vacuum so that content is blown out under pressure. By adjusting this technology and adding the right amount of pressure, tanks filled with water can act as giant pressure washers and move soil and sometimes rock as well.

When a pressurized water stream is concentrated in an area, a hole is created. As the hole is being dug, the water and debris being used can be suctioned away with the same or another truck found at a vacuum truck for sale auction, keeping the job site clean and allowing for close monitoring. These trucks can also be operated to excavate with pressurized air as well and the dry debris would be vacuumed up instead.


A main benefit to using pressurized water or air to dig holes is the control an operator has on what is happening. When digging close to buried wires, cables and pipes, one wrong move with an auger or digger can create big problems depending on what has been cut or broken. Power outages and water or sewer breaks are common when using larger equipment it is very difficult to precisely guide where the drill bit goes.

On the contrary, pressurized water and air are both easily controlled and directed and the required hole can be drilled in close proximity to sensitive areas without affecting them. Even if buried items are exposed, the pressure of the water or air is generally not enough to damage something like a pipe or cable in the time it would take to notice something having been exposed. This makes hole digging with vacuum trucks particularly useful for work on residential lots where disturbing landscaping and plantings should be avoided.


Potholing, the process of locating underground utilities by digging holes is by its very nature a nightmarish job to accomplish without damaging the utilities while attempting to locate them, with error instances high. This is where vacuum trucks really prove their additional worth, allowing operators to more quickly and safely to find buried utilities while lowering the risk of cutting lines or cracking pipes. The benefit of working like this outweighs doing it any other way, providing shorter job times, less damage, and greatly reduced chances of property damage or injury from accidentally cutting live power lines.

Any company that does potholing should consider a vacuum truck as better versions are being created all the time, making it logical for a company in this line of work to own one. Acquisition cost will be quickly absorbed by the reduced amount of on-site repairs occurring when using more conventional methods. When digging potholes or other excavation in tight locations, a vacuum truck is definitely the equipment of choice!

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