Dump_Truck_BrownThe significantly higher price of a hybrid vacuum truck for sale may be a huge financial commitment for some companies. Yet a growing number of businesses are considering just such an investment to give their company a competitive edge as well help protect environment. The initial investment is expensive, so it is definitely a way for a company to demonstrate a strong commitment to environmental stewardship.

With the slowly recovering economy, this is a good time to invest in such a machine. The following information can help reach a decision if a financial commitment to a hybrid vacuum truck is the right to make.


The sales of hybrid equipment is still sparse, although more sales are projected as most large fleet corporations are making such costly investments. It is projected that in 2016, nearly a quarter million of these vehicles will be sold in North America and Europe; this percentage is still small in comparison to the yearly number of vacuum trucks produced by all manufacturers. The reason for this is the high cost which will not come down until there is a dramatic increase in demand. Even with $12,000.00 in tax credits offered by the federal and various state governments, it cannot offset the premium price of these trucks.

Power Pack

The common hybrid vacuum truck for sale uses ion lithium batteries to capture and store energy while braking, which in turn helps the vehicle’s acceleration and operation of the vacuum mechanism. Vehicles that rely on regenerative braking are suitable for urban locations because of the stop-and-go conditions. When a driver is operating the vehicle through the engine, it is charging the batteries and every time the brakes are applied, the charging level increases. This stored energy is then used to power auxiliary attachments or to increase acceleration and save fuel. The auxiliary attachments that are run using the ion lithium batteries also help decrease engine wear-and-tear. When the power level starts to get low, the equipment starts to recharge for about five minutes. So if a worker is simply doing some pumping, the equipment only needs power from the battery that will not get interrupted when the battery power level is low.

Environmental Care

Some businesses find more value in this vehicle because of its positive effect on the environment. The use of hybrid equipment is tangible evidence that a company is committed to improving the environment and part of a positive image. Some organizations even develop their marketing programs around a green image; however, this type of marketing is not appealing to ever contractor as it does not give a clear-cut market advantage. So investing may be initially better in smaller types of green vehicles such as service vans or pickup trucks.

The changes that have taken place over the last several months give an optimistic view of the recovering economy, which is seen as an advantage by many manufacturers and dealers of hybrid vacuum truck for sale. Eventually, the technology will pay for itself as it uses less fossil fuel and lessens the impact of such vehicles on the environment!

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