Considering the number of options available in vacuum trucks, it is important to buy the right ones for the job. Finding the best vacuum tank trucks for sale depends partly on having a good understanding of what is needed and which components can fill those needs. It is more than simply what truck and engine size is necessary; it involves the necessary type of equipment as well. Vacuum tank trucks dealers offer many choices for various types of uses. For the most efficiency, most businesses need trucks that are outfitted specifically for their needs.

Vacuum Truck Types

Those who are looking to buy used vacuum tank trucks from an experienced company must first determine what type of truck is needed, ranging from size and tank capacity to the various functions that must be done. The most basic vacuum trucks, used for septic and other liquid waste management work, typically suction materials into the same tank compartment and pump out the contents later. Some vacuum trucks have a more sophisticated vacuum and blower feature to separate waste into different compartments; they can also carry fresh water to be pumped. Combination vac/blower trucks as well as hydroexcavator vacuum trucks require a more versatile setup than the basic septic service vehicle for sale.

Vacuum Tanks

Although most dealers who sell vacuum trucks know these units only differ by size and material, there are a few other options to consider as well. Many services need the added function of a tank with separate compartments for vacuuming or pumping different material. Portable sanitation services might consider lower profile tanks so they can haul portable restroom units on the same truck. Services that regularly clean grease traps may appreciate the added features of a dumping tank equipped with doors for more convenient unloading.

Vacuum Pumps and Blowers

Since any company that sells previously-owned vacuum trucks knows the vacuum pump is the heart of any vacuum truck, purchasing one that is powerful and durable enough to handle the job is essential. This may mean finding one that is heavy-duty enough for long-term, continuous use, with a heavy-duty compact pump or even a pump driven by PTO rather than hydraulics. Truck buyers must also consider the conditions under which they will be vacuuming and pumping, and whether water or air-cooled pumps make more sense. Pumps and blowers must also be the appropriate size for the tanks for the best function. Although not every vacuum truck needs one, there are also combination vac/blower pumps or separate blower units for various applications.

Other Important Equipment and Accessories

Depending on the usage, weather conditions, and difficulty of the job, those looking for septic tank vehicles for sale can usually find an entire selection of equipment and accessories to make the job easier as well as keep trucks running smoother and longer. From heated valve collars, specialized filters and hydraulic oil cooling systems, to hoses that handle specific materials, and even pressure washing systems for all kinds of uses, there are many parts designed to make vacuum trucks more functional and useful.

When searching for vacuum trucks for any need, buyers should work with a company with a reputation for selling the best used vacuum tank units, who knows the way these vehicles can be used, and which ones are the best for such usage. Dealers who offer vacuum trucks for sale are also a great place to find additional equipment to boost the performance of an existing vacuum truck to be functional and efficient for any type of job!

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