Vacuum tank trucks are expensive, so is it common for a vac trucks company to purchase pre-owned equipment. Smaller companies, and those on a tighter budget can definitely find some great deals on equipment that still has years of life left in it - provided they know what to look for in a good, used vac truck. When shopping for used vehicles, use the following tips to ensure that used truck is the right one before finalizing the deal.

Research, Inspect, and Test

As the saying goes, the buyer must beware. When purchasing used vacuum tank trucks, truck buyers must know exactly what they need in terms of a used truck, and how to thoroughly inspect any of its options for condition and performance. Vac trucks companies interested in purchasing one of these units should always test the vehicle to make sure it performs the way it should.

Having a trusted technician look it over, is another good idea. If you are not familiar with the equipment, do some research to make sure it is sufficient for your needs. Remember to check the tires since the price for commercial tires can be costly, so what seems like a great deal on a used vacuum truck can quickly become the opposite if it needs tires before it can be driven off the lot.

Check When Upfitted or Customized

It is important to consider that parts could be difficult to find for a truck that has non-standard customizations. Make sure you know what custom options have been added, what their purpose is, and the availability of parts if the truck has been upfitted, to prevent problems in the future.

Check for Inspections and Titles

Any vacuum truck for sale should have a clean title, free of liens, and have current federal DOT inspection papers. If the inspection is about to expire, ask the seller to have the truck inspected to ensure it will pass. If the seller cannot produce a clear title, it is probably best to pass on the truck as this may indicate problems. The vehicle may not be paid off, or there might be some other legal issue with it.

Get A Good Used Truck Warranty

A reputable dealer of used equipment usually offers some type of warranty on their units, based on the age and condition of the truck. The terms of these warranties are not the only thing a buyer needs to consider. They should also ask where a vehicle must be serviced for warranty work, and whether or not there are separate warranties for the chassis and vacuum body, or any other warranty specifications. All warranty questions should be asked and fully explained before signing a contract, as once the deal is done, it is too late to argue about warranties.

Rely on An Experienced Seller

While it is impossible for a buyer to always know exactly who they are dealing with, there are always indications that a seller is being less than honest in order to move a unit. Any seller not willing to give much information about a truck they are selling, or claim they don’t know the history, should probably be avoided. Truck buyers do best by developing a relationship with the same few dealers and continuing to work with them, as these dealers will look out for a buyer’s interest in the hopes of repeat sales.

Buying pre-owned equipment is a way of life for some smaller vac trucks companies, so they must be especially wary. To get the best in used vacuum tank trucks, a business needs a smart buyer on their side - one who knows how to “sniff out” a great deal, and whether it is a good risk or not. These buyers must know exactly what is being sold and whether the price truly is the best price in order to come away with the right vacuum truck!

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