As the oil and natural gas industries go through continued growth and change in the United States, there is more demand than ever for services relating to oilfield work and the process known as fracking. This procedure involves creating fractures in rocks by injecting fluid, at high pressure, into cracks so they will open further and allow oil and gas to be extracted. It is a great opportunity for companies providing various oilfield services using vacuum tank trucks, as long as they have the right equipment.

Making the best use of this equipment depends on having the right new or used oilfield vacuum service trucks that are sold, since not every vacuum truck is made the same. There are a wide variety of these trucks available for sale from reputable used oilfield vacuum tank trucks dealers that may take some research to learn how to find the best trucks for the job.

Using Vacuum Trucks in the Oilfield

There are two main ways in which vacuum trucks have become valuable players in the oilfields: suctioning sludge and waste material from drilling sites and providing water for fracking. While one procedure is more clean than the other, both involve carrying water to the oilfields to be used, then suctioned up as waste water or sludge, which is then removed from the site. The most efficient setup is to use trucks that can do both. Finding the best vacuum tank truck dealers is the only to be sure of buying the best new or used oilfield vacuum service trucks for sale.

Finding the Right Vacuum Truck

To offer the best vacuum tank trucks services, a company must make the right choice about features on their fleet of vacuum trucks. The ability to handle both parts of the job in one trip is more cost effective and efficient for vacuum truck services contracted by oil companies and helps keep things moving more steadily. Keeping up with production is essential to keep oil customers happy. Following are some of the things to look for when purchasing new or used oilfield vacuum service trucks for sale from vacuum tank trucks dealers:

  • Vacuum Tanks – While aluminum tanks cost more, they are the best option for this type of work for many reasons. Lower tank weight allows more water to be carried in one trip, keeping delivery more efficient. These tanks are also resistant to corrosion from water and any oil that may be present in sludge removed from the site. The largest tank possible is always best whenever water delivery is a substantial part of the job, as long as the chassis is built to handle the weight.

  • Vacuum Pumps – Depending on drilling and suctioning conditions, the proper air-cooled or water-cooled pump must be selected. Pump type and strength should reflect both the size of the tank and the various materials that may be encountered on a job. When trucks will be used for both pumping and vacuuming, that must also be considered when looking for the best pump for the job.

  • Custom Needs – Considering that most oil drilling and fracking sites are in the middle of nowhere, it is strongly recommended to have extra truck storage space to include necessary extra parts, hoses, and tools so repairs in the field can be done. Heavy duty chassis and oilfield bumpers are other important considerations for this type of work.

Whether buying new or used oilfield vacuum service trucks for sale, for single or dual purposes in the oilfields, it is essential to think ahead and purchase vehicles with appropriate components. Trucks will last longer and work will be more effective. As a result, vacuum truck services will be better able to retain oilfield customers by providing fast, efficient service. Contact the best used oilfield vacuum tank trucks dealers to discuss your specific needs to find the right trucks to add to your oilfield or fracking fleet!

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