As the old proverb states: “necessity is the mother of invention,” whether that invention relates to building a better mousetrap or in the case of dump trucks, a better means of hauling things at a construction site. Such is the case with the development of the articulated hauler – a dump truck design that alleviates some problems associated with standard models. Before deciding to add a few more new or used dump trucks for sale to the work fleet, learn about the articulated dump truck. A company can then determine if this type of vehicle can provide the best service alongside the standard trucks it already owns.

Initial Design

Initially designed in 1955 by Livab (a maker of construction vehicles) in conjunction with a division of Volvo called Bolinder-Munktell, the articulated hauler was a work in progress. The goal was the development of a work truck that would be more reliable and versatile on the construction site. In 1965, Volvo put the first design – the DR631 – into production. Although there was still a ways to go in perfecting the design, it was the first step in the creation of the articulated dump truck hauler. This truck has become the best option for working on uneven, rough, and deep terrain where the standard version has trouble negotiating.

Design Development

In the beginning, the idea behind the articulated truck was that by separating the tractor from the bed, the vehicle could be more easily manipulated on tougher terrain. While this proved to be true, there were remaining issues with the steering and the need for a better transmission design.  It was problematic trying to retain the benefits of the jointed design with the transmission on the tractor. It also was hard on the drive train and front axles, causing frequent and expensive repairs.

It was through observation of these imperfect designs that the idea was developed to move the transmission and steering of the unit to the trailer section in order to free up the front for steering while powering from the section bearing the load. This change provided better steering and traction along with increased maneuverability and was the critical factor in creating what has now become one of the most popular designs in new and used dump trucks for sale. This type of heavy-duty vehicle is rugged, durable, and maneuverable, able to work hard despite the various terrains and conditions on construction sites.

Increased Demand

There was a great deal of skepticism in the preliminary design of these dump trucks, especially since the initial versions with transmissions under the tractor were prone to repairs and difficult to maneuver. As more successful designs were released and began to be proven within the industry, popularity slowly began to grow.

Volvo was not alone in their initial effort in the design of these vehicles. There were a few other companies attempting to find a design that solved the same problems. Today, five of the ten models in production are designed and built by Volvo. There has been further development in the design to include things such as better suspension and handling, improved braking systems, and bigger tires. The vehicles have gradually gotten bigger and stronger, capable of handling even larger loads over more difficult terrains, further increasing their work site value. Improved efficiency, better transmission design, operator handling, visibility, and safety are continual developments in the design of articulated haulers for today and the future.

Seeing one of these vehicles in action makes it easy to understand how these designs have won awards among all other equipment designs in development today. The many uses and benefits to be gained from this truck design makes them an invaluable addition to any heavy construction work fleet. New and used dump trucks for sale featuring this design are available at most heavy equipment dealerships.  These machines are worth consideration by companies looking to increase a fleet with the best and most useful machines available!

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