Safety is essential in using any used dump truck. The loading and unloading of dump trucks are some of the most dangerous times when operating or using these trucks.Used_dump_truck Some easy-to-remember safety tips can decrease the chances of an accident or injury during the loading process.

Pre-Loading Safety Tips

Before loading any material, inspect the used dump truck to ensure that all of the essential and safety features are in good working condition. Check all parts that require lubrication. The operator must check the truck suspension when loaded and unloaded, the air pressure of all tires, and all the components of the lift system. The stability of the truck is very important before, during, and after the loading process because an unstable truck is the number one reason for tip-over.

Before parking the used dump truck near the material or materials being loaded, the operator should ensure that the ground is level because uneven ground affects the stability of the truck. After parking, always check that the parking brake is engaged and the dump bed is down. The truck should not be able to move or slide during loading. Check that all chains, lock bars, and the dump gate are secured and in the lock position.

After checking the truck, the loader tractor must be inspected thoroughly for any defects or potential problems that could arise. Always check the tires or tracks, the bucket, and the hydraulic system. Check all safety features that is specified in the owner’s manual of the loader. Inspecting the loader and truck is important in preventing complications during the loading process.

Loading Safely

When loading the material, the operator must align the bucket of the loader with center of the dump bed. Loading the materials into the used dump truck bed slowly in the center and then move it side-to-side to ensure even distribution is important because it contributes to the stability of the truck and will help prevent a tip-over. If the material being loaded is perceived to not flow freely, it is acceptable to lighten the load in the top end of the box that will be lifted up and leave a slightly heavier load in the dump end of the box.

The easiest and most important tip of loading any used dump truck is awareness and competence. The operators of the loader tractor and the truck must be vigilant and not distracted by anyone or anything. The operators must know the safe limit capabilities of the truck and must keep track of how many material loads are in the truck. There are onboard load-checking and warning systems on some trucks which eliminate a lot of the burden of correct and safe-limit monitoring from the truck operator.  Operating any heavy equipment is dangerous; operating heavy equipment while not being focused increases the danger and the possibility of an accident, especially loading a dump truck.

Loading Safely Review Checklist

Following is a list of items that can be used as a Safety Review Checklist when preparing to load any used dump truck:

Inspect the truck and loader for defects or potential problems
Check all systems are working properly
Check all moving parts
Check all safety features
Check tires and suspension
Check the hydraulic system
Park dump truck on even ground
Ensure stability before, during, and after loading the truck
Begin to load material in the center of the dump bed
Ensure the operators are always aware of their surroundings and vigilant
Ensure the operators are competent of using heavy machinery safely

When loading any used dump truck, always be aware of the surroundings and always keep the stability of the truck in mind. Remember the safety of the operators and the people in the near vicinity is the number one concern of all employees and employers.