Used_dump_truckDump trucks work thousand of hours, carrying tons of payloads, for many different commercial industries. It boggles the mind to imagine how important it is to know the required safety standards for any vehicle, especially for a used dump truck.

Issues about dump truck safety are closely monitored by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). According to research studies, there are numerous accidents that are directly related to: used dump truck maintenance; work place safety; and load filling and dumping. These accidents can result in serious physical injury, disability and even death.

Dump Bed Safety

According to data gathered by OSHA during the past 10 years, there were 31 identifiable accidents that involved the unanticipated release of an elevated dump truck bed and most of these accidents resulted in a fatality. The majority of these unexpected events have occurred when a mechanic was performing routine maintenance or troubleshooting the lifting apparatus with the dump bed raised. At that time, body props or support either failed to work, were improperly used or weren’t used at all.

Sudden and unexpected movement of the dump bed can result from one of the following: hydraulic failure; premature air line reconnection; inadvertent pulling of the release cable; and inadvertent control operation. What can be done to prevent accidents like this from happening, means that are within human control?

When the mechanic needs to access the rear truck to work on damage or problems such as the control cables; the electrical lines; the air or hydraulic hoses; and the hydraulic motors, proper safety methods must be employed. Accessing these problem areas with the dump bed raised in a high position requires that the bed be supported with the manufacturer’s props. Using these aids properly per the manufacturer’s instructions ensures that the dump bed is properly secured. Should there be any failure or inadvertent action, if these additional braces or support are in place the mechanic has sufficient time to move away safely and avoid any injury.

Working Under a Dump Bed Safety Tips

It is always important to keep a used dump truck in proper working order. One of the best safety practices that must be heeded is to abide by all OSHA safety standards. Below are some tips for safe practices in working under an elevated used dump truck bed:

  • Always have suitable support against unexpected movement of the elevated dump bed while doing any work in that area.
  • All employees must be properly trained to be aware of the hazards associated with working around functioning or malfunctioning dump truck bed systems.
  • If there are any questions about the use of an alternative body prop or other such support for a dump bed, contact the manufacturer for their recommendations.
  • Always be sure that the safeguard mechanism is in the proper fixed position to prevent or eliminate any worker’s exposure to a hazardous condition.

Safety Teamwork

Coordinating and working together is an important key for safety. Employers can do their part by educating workers on all safety practices; equipping them with proper safeguard mechanisms; and ensuring that OSHA safety standards are strictly followed. Workers can do their share by always following the workplace safety procedures.

Through the years, the used dump truck has become a veritable ‘working buddy’ to many industries, and this friendly relationship will continue as long as safety is closely monitored and observed. So, dump safely and make safety your next BFF!