Dump trucks have Used_Dump_Truckmany possible applications, from hauling material for construction companies to transporting garbage to the dump. Just name it and this highly functional vehicle can easily handle any task to and from the job site. In fact, almost every business today depends upon the use of this vehicle to carry products from one destination to another. Acquisition of this particular truck needs careful consideration of: manufacturer; new versus used; individual specifications; and engine size; all important parts of the decision-making process.

On the other hand, there are various brands of commercial vehicles that can be purchased without quite so much perusal because it is a brand readily identified whether a new or a used dump truck. International is a well-known name in the commercial vehicle market and plays a vital role in consumers buying behavior. Having been in use for many years, this brand has proven to have exceptional quality, craftsmanship and income-generating potential.

Unique Features

Just like any other piece of construction equipment, International dump trucks have unique capabilities in terms of on and off-road performance. Their designs were made to handle effectively the demands of heavy cargo and off-road terrain hauling activities. The cab and chassis feature extra ground clearance as well as walking beam suspensions that are enhanced to be durable under any road challenge with heavy duty hauling. International offers a different commercial vehicle chassis that is popular and available for dump trucks with Gross Vehicular Weight ranging from 21,500 to 80,000 pounds. The truck can be configured to run as four or six-wheeled hauling device.

Exceptional Performance

When it comes to choosing the right used dump truck for the job, the equipment’s performance does matter. For the International brand, the name definitely speaks for itself. It can endure the rigors of all road hauling applications with good mileage all year without encountering mechanical problems as long as an adequate and scheduled maintenance program is faithfully performed. In addition, this heavy-duty vehicle can significantly boost a company’s productivity level which translates into positive income revenue.

In order for the vehicle to be in good working condition while working, regular maintenance is need to maintain the vehicle’s exceptional performance level. Major components should be examined regularly to ensure a high level of performance, system uptime and reliability.


There are several top dealers of dump trucks that offer the International brand for sale. When looking for the right model, it is imperative to find a dealer who delivers excellent customer satisfaction and can provide a used dump truck with fewer maintenance requirements so that all jobs can be completed before the sun sets. In addition, many companies offer both used and new equipment to satisfy the needs of almost ever business.

Depending on the specific business application, it is essential to pick the right type of vehicle to perform different dumping tasks. Finding one is not an easy job as there are many variables to be considered before making a final decision. It is important to pick the style of International dump truck that fulfills company needs and delivers benefits by providing exceptional performance and reliability. An International used dump truck can meet most business needs every day!