Dump_Truck_BrownDump trucks are heavy-duty trucks used to haul different material such as sand, rock, asphalt, and more, working daily to accomplish many projects. Any type of equipment failure can lead to downtime that converts into lost time and money for contractors. For early problem detection, on-board sensors can be installed on a new or used dump truck to manage risks and increase productivity. So it is time to learn that dump truck risks can be managed and productivity increased with on-board sensors.

Design Capabilities

On-board sensors fall into two categories: those that monitor a vehicle’s physical status and those that measure productivity. The device is usually hardwired to a GPS device to transmit data to a base system. Alerts are sent to personnel through cell phones, pagers, or e-mail so any problems can be quickly handled.

With an on-board sensor system installed, there is rapid notification if any equipment emergency is detected. The affected equipment can be quickly shut down in order to address the problem before it becomes catastrophic. Any repairs, replacement and necessary inspections can be done to the vehicle before proceeding and returning to a project. A simple uneven tire inflation on a fully loaded used dump truck could cause a catastrophic road accident if that were undetected or ignored.

Risk Management

Actively monitoring dump trucks is essential for risk management. For instance, an on-board sensor installed to monitor engine temperature set for a common overheating point lets the truck to be shut down and returned to the home base for source investigation and problem correction. Prolonged overheating affects the engine life and lead to expensive parts replacement. Another example of the value of this tool is with air filter restriction monitoring. When blockages in the filter are undetected, the engine can be severely jeopardized.

Productivity Measurement

By measuring operating efficiency, the number of dump trucks needed to accomplish certain projects can be better established. For example, an on-board sensor can be installed with the dump bed switch to provide necessary data such as the required time and count of cycles between loading and dumping at a designated site which is a great way to meet a client’s time frame requirement. Another example is a system that determines loading capacity and prevents any used dump truck from traveling overloaded.

Product Choice

New dump trucks are equipped with monitoring devices to be used on job sites; with used dump trucks, choosing the right device is necessary to have such benefits. Be familiar with the device’s core function, including use of tracking maps, interpretation of hourly engine reports, scheduled preventative maintenance, etc. Use only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products to ensure durability and performance.

Whether for new or used dump trucks, investing time and money for on-board sensors offers many rewards including avoiding failures, equipment status awareness, improved productivity, prevention of downtime, and many more possibilities, all of which can be handled with on-board sensors!

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