No matter what the type of vehicle, having the right tires is essential in maintaining safety and efficiency. This is especially true with heavy industrial vehicles and equipment which typically do not spend much time on roads or highways, rather on uneven, bumpy, and muddy terrain. Any new or used dump truck should be equipped with the appropriate tires for actual operating conditions; since the dump truck is so highly used, it is important that tires wear well and long – and the right rubber can help accomplish that goal.

Big Tires = Big Prices

Tires – even those for just a passenger vehicle let alone knuckleboom trucks – are generally expensive; as for commercial vehicles such , prices can skyrocket. Where average car or truck tires may cost hundreds of dollars each, the cost for commercial tires is frequently thousands of dollars each. When multiplied by the number required by each dump truck sold, which can vary between 4 to 20 or more depending on type and size, keeping heavy commercial vehicles in new sneakers can put quite a strain on the company budget – and yet must be done. With the type of heavy use dump trucks undergo on a daily basis, tires that are of poor quality, in poor condition, or the wrong type will only cost a company more money in the long run.

Dump Truck Tires – Manufacturing and Maintenance

Unlike tires for conventional vehicles, heavy truck versions are frequently manufactured by hand over several days as specialized processes are required to make them stay together. A large amount of rubber and latex, multiple layers of belts, and reinforced sidewalls are required, all of which is created by a monitored manufacturing process. This makes prices high and availability often low; so the tires for new or used dump trucks has become a high-demand item.

With this type of manufacturing process as well as cost and low availability, it is no wonder that procedures to refurbish these tires does exist. Re-treatment, sidewall reinforcement, and hole patching can be done to gain more life out of these expensive wheel coverings; however, it should be noted that repaired or refurbished tires are not going to last nearly as long as new ones.

Sidewall damage is a big concern at construction sites, as the sidewall is the least protected area of the entire wheel and the most easily pierced or otherwise damaged. To combat this concern, many companies use protective chains that are similar to those used for bad weather or rough terrain but made of a smaller mesh that covers a lot more of the rubber surface to protect all the way around the tire and up the sidewall.

Increasing Tread Longevity, Tire Safety, and Cost Savings

Besides caring for tires and preventing damage to them, there are two other ways to get the most from such expensive equipment: being sure that the type chosen is the right one for the application and keeping used dump truck tires properly inflated. Under-inflation is dangerous by not being rigid enough to hold its shape under pressure, which can affect handling which. When placed on a vehicle like a dump truck that carries excessive amounts of weight, it can be a very unsafe operating factor.

Using the correct size and tread as well as maintaining the proper inflation also saves money. Good tire inflation and maintenance prevents premature wear, poor handling or ride, and prevents wasting fuel. Equipping crane trucks or knuckleboom trucks with the right tire tread and size will keep it moving along without using more energy than should be happening.

Keeping a fleet of used dump trucks outfitted with the right tires can be an enormous expense for any construction company. Knowing how to equip this truck or any other vehicle with the right tires ensures that any tire expenditure is worth the money spent and keeps vehicles moving and working efficiently at the job site!

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