used dump truckWhat started out as a fairly simple yet utilitarian idea, the dump truck has become a piece of heavy equipment that no construction site can do without. Originally created to carry material and easily discharge it, the modern versions of even a used dump truck offer a lot more in terms of variety, capacity, and utility thanks to the different designs that have evolved specifically for its many different uses. Before buying a new or used dump truck, be sure to accurately determine how it will be used and then research the types and styles that are available.

Finding The Right One

The most important aspect in selecting the right style and model of used dump trucks is to find the vehicle that follows both local weight and size limitations and yet is able to perform the way that is needed for the specific job. Different regional areas often have different restrictions; likewise, the weight and coarseness of the materials that will be hauled plays a part of the decision-making process. All of this can affect the number of axles, axle weight, bed construction style, and bed construction weight to name a few basic features.

The other major factor is the motor. While it may seem fairly obvious that a heavy dump truck should have a large, sturdy engine, it is an unfortunate purchasing mistake to buy more engine capacity than what is actually needed. Not only is the up-front cost greater, fuel costs are also greater as a larger engine and heavier vehicle will require more energy to keep it moving under certain working circumstances.

As a general rule of thumb, the higher torque, larger engines are more suitable at work sites where the distance traveled is short, the loads are extremely heavy, and there is a lot of starting and stopping. Trucks that frequently travel on public roadways should have lower torque, smaller engines for maneuverability and efficiency, and not face constant starting and stopping when loaded. This is merely suggested as a way to keep an expensive piece of equipment in its best shape for as long as possible.


While the above ideas illustrate the main questions that need to be answered when purchasing any type of new or used dump truck in relation to how it will be used, there also is the question of versatility and how many ways the truck will be used if properly equipped. Determining bed volume and construction, dump style and mechanism, discharge method, towing ability, and operating other equipment through a PTO must all be addressed to buy the right one.

Of course there are other options such as cab design and comfort, windshield angle and protection, cab protection, etc. Depending on the primary planned usage of the new or used dump truck, increased comfort and easier driving capability may or may not be a concern. Versatility will vary depending on planned usage.

The ultimate goal when buying new or used dump trucks should be to find the one that can fulfill most primary planned jobs, basically whatever is deemed to be normal use for that specific vehicle. With good planning, finding and buying a dump truck will yield the best one to meet a company’s diverse needs – and then some!

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