dump-truckIn the world of heavy industrial equipment, dump trucks are some of the biggest, most-used heavy-duty vehicles around, doing more work and putting up with more use and abuse than most other equipment on a construction site. Buyers of this immensely popular vehicle do not need to feel limited to basic new and used dump truck offerings as there are many different types available, including the articulated dump truck with a design developed to increase maneuverability, durability, and general overall usefulness.

Design Features

Basic dump trucks are workhorses and in some particularly rough environments can face undue stress from the frame twisting after long periods of driving over mounds and hills to load and unload. It is not an immediate problem; however, this type of stress can shorten the vehicle’s lifespan because no frame means no truck.

The articulated design remedies this by having the cab and load-bearing body built as separate units joined together, offering more freedom of movement over rough terrain to reduce the excess stress to the frame. Articulated models can turn on a much tighter radius than normal used dump trucks; however, the most important quality of the truck is the cab and body being able to easily negotiate construction sites due to the flexibility that the whole unit together achieves with its two parts.

Besides these substantial design inclusions, articulated dumpers are usually built mostly for off-road use, whereas standard models are built for on and off-road use. This allows for heavier, tougher axles that can handle more use, stronger suspensions, and giant balloon tires, all of which makes driving over construction sites effortless. Another important design difference is that many of these trucks have a cab that sits the driver in the middle to be able to see more easily on either side rather than only the left like a regular dump truck.

Increased Efficiency and Durability

With these design improvements, articulated dump trucks are more usable, durable, and efficient than standard models over extreme job site landscapes. They are more usable because navigating muddy, deep surfaces is faster and easier than other models while providing more operator comfort and control. With a unique build, these trucks handle the rigors of the job with less strain to the vehicle, prolonging the truck’s life. The dump beds are built with a smaller bottom and a wider top, like a ‘V’ with a flat bottom, that actually allows for carrying more material without spillage. Dumping can also be done while the used dump truck is moving, saving the time of having to spread the dirt out after dumping with bulldozers.

Articulated dump trucks can get more work done faster, saving time and money. If well maintained, fewer repairs are required. The only limitation is the loader working with them, as smaller ones take longer to fill the beds and decreases efficiency. Loaders should be used that can fill the bed with only 4 to 6 buckets.

Articulated dump trucks are costly, with current prices considerably higher than standard versions; however, the greatly increased efficiency and ability to last longer makes it worthwhile. Companies using these trucks need less on-site equipment, adding to the savings. When looking to add a new or used dump truck to an existing fleet, consider how an articulated dump truck can help increase work and decrease costs!

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