Used dump truckBuying a used dump truck requires attention to detail and a little knowledge about trucks. Although used dump trucks can lead to savings because of their reduced cost, keep in mind that any previously-owned vehicle has already expended some of its serviceable life and could require repairs much sooner than brand new dump trucks.

Realistic Budget

First off, always set a realistic budget when purchasing a used dump truck. Even though these trucks are relatively inexpensive, it is still hard to find a used dump truck at a bargain price. The reason for this difficulty is that commercial vehicles such as dump trucks have a very long service life and therefore depreciate slower than an average passenger vehicle.

To find out whether your budget is too high or too low, visit several commercial trucking sites on the internet. These sites have extensive lists of trucks with specifications and costs. By comparing prices of used dump trucks from several dealers, you can come up with an average cost to set as a targeted budget amount.

Used Dump Truck vs. Reconditioned Dump Truck

Choosing a used dump truck will leave you with two options: a non-reconditioned one or a reconditioned one.

  • Non-reconditioned dump truck – The advantage of a non-reconditioned dump truck is in its cost; so this is an ideal option for buyers who have a tight budget yet need a dump truck. The downside of selecting this option is that you can save a few thousand dollars initially but could spend more than your savings for maintenance and reconditioning of the vehicle.
  • Reconditioned dump truck – Reconditioned dump trucks cost somewhere between that of a new one and that of a used. This is an option for a buyer who wants to save money but doesn’t want to compromise on quality. Although some of the truck’s serviceable life has been used, reconditioned dump trucks have been restored to look and perform almost like brand new.

The advantage of buying a reconditioned dump truck is pretty clear: a like-new truck for a not-new cost with much of its performance life having been restored. The only advantage of a non-reconditioned dump truck is the lower cost. The important disadvantage is that many times a buyer really doesn’t know what has been done to the vehicle, which parts have been maintained and/or replaced and which ones are still original parts that may be ready to wear out.

Where to Buy?

The last consideration is where to look for a reconditioned used dump truck. Finding one is easier than you think. There are plenty of credible commercial truck dealers on the internet and numerous truck models from which to choose. It is true that you may not be able to physically examine the truck before the purchase and be dealing with people through the internet. You can avoid any possible risk by doing adequate research on any dealer from which you are considering making a purchase. Selecting a reputable dealer who has been in the used dump truck business for a long time will help you in this process and find you a great dump truck!.