The United States is facing challenging employment concerns; a weak economy and other concerns has made it hard for many out-of-work Americans to find jobs, especially veterans returning from overseas combat tours. It has likewise been difficult for companies such as used crane truck ones to find individuals who have the knowledge and experience to perform certain jobs, especially those that are demanding in one way or another. To remedy this problem, some companies are putting two and two together and coming up with five by enlisting returning veterans to operate used crane trucks or boom trucks, which offers an answer to multiple problems at one time.

Difficult Jobs Need Seasoned Workers

Even though millions of people in the country need work, the fact is that many positions cannot be done by just any worker. The most highly specialized jobs cannot be filled by many of the available job seekers for one reason or another: health concerns, lack of experience, or an inability to absorb detailed training well enough.

Certainly this is true with jobs in extreme climates or ones that require using large, dangerous used crane trucks; put those two job demands together, and a job site could be a domestic battle zone between nature, man, and machine. Even with good training, not many workers can handle jobs such as working on oil rigs or huge construction sites located in cold, inclement areas of the country or other undesirable surroundings.

Difficult Oil Rig Jobs Need Veterans

For today’s veterans returning home to such difficulties, finding gainful employment can be disheartening. Companies that are taking advantage of the strengths, skills, and toughness of veteran workers are filling difficult jobs with returning combat veterans – and turning their employment needs into a win-win situation.

The jobs are not easy; however, for these veterans coming off deployment it is comparable to life in the combat zone. Weather conditions are frequently poor and work conditions difficult at best. The jobs are long and hard, requiring long stays away from home. Teamwork, trust, and dependability is required as well as the ability to take instructions – which is exactly what is required in the battlefield. Thankfully, operating machinery such as used crane trucks to dismantle or put up an oil rig does not involve dodging enemy fire as well.

All things considered, returning combat soldiers and America’s oilfields tend to make a very good match. Veterans that would otherwise be in competition for other available jobs can get right back into steady employment, which likewise gives companies the peace of mind from having hired strong, healthy, respectful employees who are inherently dependable. How wonderful it is for companies to remain productive while giving capable veterans the chance for a great job upon returning to civilian life. Training these workers as operators of used crane trucks and other positions on the many oil rigs in this country is a great example of how U.S. businesses are doing their part for the economy – and for our veterans!

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