In the world of industrial and construction work vehicles, none is more all-around valuable than the bucket truck. Versatile and in demand, new and used bucket trucks in many sizes and capacities can be found working on streets and job sites everywhere thanks to its tried-and-true design. The work horse of the utility industry, bucket trucks are an indispensable part of the job that makes work safer, more efficient, and more profitable.

Versatile and Maneuverable

When working on roadways, a primary necessity of any work truck is being maneuverable in confined spaces. Between size and weight restrictions as well as regular road traffic, utility crews are kept busy attempting to get the job done. Used bucket trucks can fill all such needs; small enough to be maneuverable, light enough to be within local load limitations, yet sturdy and steady enough to get workers safely up to pole-top heights with ease. Traffic is blocked less, there is better access to smaller roads, and a reduced need to continually adjust the truck position thanks to a maneuverable crane. Workers can park and set the outriggers, go up in the bucket, and remain until the job is done.

Bucket Design and Usability

Today’s bucket is much better than the original, simpler designs that can still be found on many used bucket truck. As a further benefit, crews have access to whatever is needed right in the bucket rather than having to continually raise and lower the boom arm. Newer designs include more and better storage features such as built-in compartments in the bucket as well as tool cabinets and compartments at the rear of the truck that the crew can reach just by lowering the bucket into position.

Generally speaking, these vehicles are outfitted with more closed-in, specific storage areas for certain tools, equipment, and supplies, all customizable for each job need. Every inch of available space is used to keep travel from job site to shop and pole to truck at a very minimum. Additionally, some trucks are now being outfitted with two independent boom arms that can be used at the same time by different operators.

Improved Vehicle Design and Safety

With greater technology demands and the need for a work truck to be a multifunctional tool for utility workers all over the world, designs have improved and become more useful as well. Most include: buckets that can be maneuvered from within the bucket itself with a joystick as well as from the ground; buckets that change angle and can be rotated and dumped; and a greater ability to prevent stretching and having to work around obstacles, two of the primary dangers in elevated work. More fiberglass components that replace metal controls provide greater safety against conductivity.

Outrigger design has also improved and includes software that cannot be overridden and other safety programming that prevents raising the bucket unless all precautionary steps have been taken; this would include being sure that the truck itself is correctly set up to allow for safe raising of the boom. Used bucket trucks are now equipped with remote controls on many designs, making it easier and safer to use the crane for lifting transformers, pole setting, and other tasks.

Work that must be done at an elevation always presents risks and problems. Current bucket truck design has made these commercial vehicles much more usable, which helps keep fleet trucks on the job rather than on the road or dealing with accessibility concerns. With the appropriate training, operators of new and even many used bucket trucks have great functionality and comfort at their fingertips, so that any work that must be done is safer and more efficient than ever before!

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